Yellow Fever Vaccine to make You Travel Globally Healthy


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Yellow Fever is a mosquito-borne viral disease present in Africa and South America. The infection can range from mild to severe and Vaccination is the best protection against this virus. Some countries like Uganda and Ghana require all or some travelers to receive the immunization to enter the country. Many travelers to other countries such as Kenya and Panama elect to receive a yelloe fever vaccine even though it is required only in certain situation.

Though yellow fever is not present throughout the globe, the yellow fever vaccination itself is very important because of the virus’s high mortality rate. While mild symptoms of yellow fever include fever, nausea, headache, vomiting, abdominal and muscle pains, the more severe ones include hepatitis and hemorrhagic fever.

What is the Yellow Fever Vaccine?

The yellow fever vaccine provides protection against the virus for travelers and those living in areas where the disease is present. The vaccine is only available in an injectable form.

Because the yellow fever vaccine is very safe and the  risks high, the CDC recommends this vaccine for adults and children over 9 months who will be traveling to high-risk areas.


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Where Can I Get The Yellow Fever Vaccine?

Only registered Yellow Fever Vaccination Centers like Passport Health can give the yellow fever vaccine and provide the International Certificate of Vaccination (yellow card) to travelers and other individuals.


How To Prevent Yellow Fever

The best way to prevent yellow fever is through vaccination, nut you should take extra precautions if you are in an area with the virus. The recommended things to to prevent mosquito bites in these region by CDC


  • Use insect repellent containing DEET, picaridin IR3535 or oil of lemon eucalyptus.
  • Wear proper clothing – when possible wear long sleeves, long pants and sock when engaging in outdoor activities. For extra protection, considering using a spray-on clothing like permethrin.
  • Be aware of peak hours – mosquitos bite the most at dusk and dawn. Be sure to take extra precautions during this time.


How Long Does the Yellow Fever Vaccine Last?

Recent studies show one dose of yellow fever vaccine may be effective for a patient’s entire life. Previous evidence recommended a booster every 10 years. Many countries still require evidence of a yellow fever vaccination within the last five to ten years in order to be allowed entry. This may mean you will need to get a yellow fever booster shot. Be sure to check with your Passport Health travel specialist regarding whether you need a yellow fever booster.

Now that you are well informed, get your vaccination and enjoy your traveling!