What to Do in Mandalika After the MOTO-GP Race is Over


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there's more to enjoy in mandalika after the motogp

Mandalika was deemed as one of ten super-priority tourist destinations launched by the Indonesian government; aiming to make the ten destinations as successful as Bali.

By now you must have heard about the new Moto-GP circuit built just an island away from Bali; the Mandalika Circuit, Lombok, Indonesia. With a scenery not very different from Bali, it is no wonder that people are excited about the new sporting icon.

However, for all of you who are not very familiar with Lombok, it might be a bit of a challenge to find other things to do in the island when your eyes are not glued to the circuit. With a culture that differ greatly from what we have here in Bali, (Lombok, like many other Indonesian islands, has a majority of Moslems as citizens, which makes the island operate in stricter rules than its neighbor, Bali) it will be a good idea to plan your trip ahead. Here are several recommended spots to visit in Lombok after the race:


  1. Merese Hill

Merese Hill is located on Jalan Kuta Lombok, Kuta, Pujut, Central Lombok Regency. Merese Hill is a strategic location to watch the sunset. This hill is close to the white sandy Tanjung Aan Beach, offering an incredibly beautiful view with green grass and the Tanjung Aan coastline from above. Merese Hill is open all the time and there is no need to pay for a ticket to get to the top or it is free.


  1. Tanjung Aan Beach

Tanjung Aan Beach is located in Pemembur Village, Pujut District, Central Lombok Regency. This beach has white sand and a calming atmosphere. Tourists are welcome to swim, snorkel or sunbathe in the area, just remember to wear decent clothing as you do.


  1. Gerupuk Beach

If you want to surf, Gerupuk Beach is the right place for you. Located on the southern coast of Lombok Island, the beach has high waves and faces the Indonesian Ocean, making it suitable for professional surfers. Not only surfing, tourists can also enjoy marine tourism by snorkeling to come to seaweed cultivation villages.


  1. Box Cave

As the name suggests, this cave has a perfectly rectangular passage. Beside the unique shape, the location of the cave is also quite high on the edge of the beach, giving visitors a stunning scenery all around. The Box Cave is located in Sukadana Village, Central Lombok Regency. Goa Kotak has a width of about 3 meters and a hallway length of about 6 meters. The rocks are yellowish white. From this cave, tourists can see the view of Batu Payung Beach, Tanjung Aan Beach, and Merese Hill from a distance.


  1. Seger Beach

Seger Beach is one of the popular beaches and must be visited while on vacation in Central Lombok Regency. Just like Box Cave, Seger Beach is located in Sukadana Village, Pujut District, Central Lombok Regency. The uniqueness of this beach is the shape of the sand which is large and round like pepper. This beach is famous for the legend of Princess Mandalika or Princess Nyale.

There is also a tradition of catching nyale or worms which is then used in the Bau Nyale Festival. The festival takes place at certain times a year and are open for anyone. People from the area believe that the worms have existed for hundreds of years and consider them as sacred and can bring happiness.


  1. The Traditional Villages of Sade and Ende

One of the unique tourist attractions in Lombok is the house of the Sasak tribe in the Traditional Villages of Sade and Ende. The two traditional villages are located in Central Lombok Regency with a distance of about 2 kilometers each. The houses of the Sasak tribe in the two traditional villages have thatched roofs, woven walls, and clay floors. Here, tourists can understand about the culture of the Sasak Tribe, the native people of Lombok Island, and learn how to weave cloth.

If you are interested in all those places, you should really go there and see them all for yourself. Hile you’re there, though, don’t forget to take some pictures and post them on the ‘grams. See you in Mandalika!