Doctor Dyah puts Unicare Clinic Ubud Bali as the Center of Attention


Exciting Bali Traveling Insights &

Spending an adventurous holiday in Bali is almost everyone’s dream.

But beside its beautiful & relaxing beaches, big waves for surfing places, tan skin, mouthwatering delicacies, gorgeous rice fields or lush tropical gardens, you also have to be extra alert for some ugly things that might happen during your holiday.

Like for example got bitten by wild animals that cause you rabies such as dogs, monkeys, squirrels, cats or even a bats that still can be easily seen flying around at nights.

There are quite many people both local and tourist, who experienced got bitten by Bali’s three top animals such as stray dog, bat or monkey especially while visiting the Monkey Forest in Ubud.

A good and qualified  medical clinic is the right place you have to go if such thing happened and get professional help as soon as possible to prevent you from rabies.

Unicare Ubud, open 24 hours a day, is a trusted medical clinic in Bali which provides health services to you and your family during holiday in Bali especially if you’re staying in Ubud. All with top western hygienic standard, the services this clinic provide includes best dental care, quick hangover remedy, ambulance evacuation, certified first aid training, insurance cover, aestetic, wound treatment and the most important, vaccine center (rabies vaccine, immunoglobuline).

Clean and well equipped, the clinic is also staffed by some fluent English fluent speaking Bali’s best qualified medical professionals. Not just the Doctors but the Nurse staffs are exellent at their jobs, polite and also very friendly.

Dr. Dyah Laksmi, simply known by her patients as Dr. Dyah and her whole team are knowledgeable and sincere professionals.

Dr. Dyah herself is a kind, friendly, super helpful and a very caring doctor and she is loved by her patients and well remembered by the way she’s handling them.

A Bali born origin from Gianyar as her hometown, Dr. Dyah strongly believes that helping people for their health issues is important and has her own motto which is Humanity Above All.

She experienced her MD professional career for some hospitals and clinic as well in her past before took her present charge at RSUD Bali Mandara & at Unicare Ubud.

Watching movies is one of her hobby and Harry Potter & Ratatouille are among the movies she loved. The Harry Potter thing matches well her personality from her patients views about her spreading magic charm whenever she’s handling their health issues, wondering if she also loves to cook as well like Ratatouille.

And like many (not all) women around the globe, she loves watching Asian drama, quiz and live music for TV shows. Some Korean bands, Linkin Park and classical music are the kind of music she like to listening to. It is quite awesome because Linkin Park’s is kind of more manly, loud music genre while classical music is very serious and sometimes difficult to listen to.She also enjoy reading inspiring books, medical references, novels and encyclopedia.

You can find Dr. Dyah Laksmi at Unicare Clinic Ubud, Jalan Raya Pengosekan no. 88, Banjar Tegal Kelod, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali.