The Unbelievable Ubud, You’ll get Bored of Kuta Nightlife


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What do you have in mind when you hear the word Ubud?

The first thing that come across our minds is a relaxed, earthy, bohemian centre of lifestyle where everybody from around the world fused together in this melting pot, enriching the area even more.

If you have been to Bali but kept to the more hype area like Kuta and Seminyak, believe us when we say that you really need to schedule another trip to the island and explore the amazing Ubud.

Located in the heart of Bali, this cozy area is home to some of the best Balinese artists, which is why you will see so many art stalls and performances taking place in the neighbourhood.

Aside from its well-known sights of lush green paddy fields, this (relatively) colder than the other Balinese main attractions) area is also famous for its high rain density, so it would be best for you to keep your raincoats or umbrellas ready, unless, of course, you’re coming from the UK.

As many artists reside within the area, it is now a go-to place for the eclectic foreigners who wants to explore more about the art and culture of the island. With so many art stalls and galleries scattered around, it would not be hard to make those wishes come true.

When you feel like you’ve had enough of the art-and-culture thing, you can try reconnect with nature by going to the Monkey Forrest, which, living up to its name, is home to the natural monkey population in the area.

Be warned, though, that you will need to pay extra attention to your belongings, since these primates are known for their ability to snatch things that caught their attention and run into the forest or climb up the trees where you can’t reach them.

There are usually guards and caretakers in the area that can help you retrieve your belongings back, but sometimes you won’t be so lucky.

As you’re getting closer to the night, you might want to know what’s in the menu. Let us help you with this. If you’ve had enough of the kind of entertainment you can get in Kuta and Seminyak, then we think you will find Ubud’s version of nightlife refreshingly different.

First of all, there are cultural performances that you can enjoy in the night like traditional Balinese dances complete with their glorious costumes; just have your map app direct you to the famous Puri Saren Royal Palace (hint: it’s right across Ubud Art Market) if you wish to see these performances.

Other alternatives of Ubud Nightlife includes clubs and bars–but with a different take than those in Kuta.

The live music in Ubud, for example, is richer and more specific in nature, unlike the upbeat DJs you’ll find along Legian and Seminyak areas.

Ubud offers Jazz, blues, salsa, all the way fusion and even world music for you to dance to. If you are interested in spending the night out of your villas or bungalows, here are some places you might find yourself enjoying: Laughing Buddha Bar (Jalan Monkey Forest), CP Lounge (halfway up Jalan Monkey Forest), Kafe Bunute (Jalan Dewi Sri, Ubud), Bar Luna (Casa Luna Basement, Jalan Raya Ubud), No Mas Ubud (Jalan Monkey Forest), and Indus (Jalan Raya Sanggingan).

There you are, we gave you a list of Ubud’s best nightlife options to choose for. Tell us if you’ve been in one (or some) of those places and what you think of them. See you next time!