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Travelers and visitors who already know and used to Bali agree that this Island has many beautiful beaches. Lepang Beach is one amongst them.

Beaches is the place where people come especially to enjoy sunrise and sunset. Some of you might enjoy sunrise more than sunset and vice versa. Lepang Beach is the place where you can enjoy both sunrise and sunset at one place.

Located in Klungklung regency, Bali, the road to Pantai Lepang is surrounded by paddy fields and plantations on either side, giving you a glimpse of rural Bali before you reach Lepang’s black-sand shores. An emerging tourist spot, Lepang beach offers a coastline ideal for cycling, a beautiful sunset, sunbathing and swimming opportunities, and local delicacies served by the ‘warungs’ scattered across its sands.

It will take approximately 70 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport and approximately 50 minutes from Denpasar when using a motor vehicle.

Lepang Beach is still clean and this beach has its own charm to form the winding coast against a backdrop of rice fields and towering mountains of beautiful charms. Lepang Beach will be crowded with tourists during the holidays and vacations.

Residents around the Lepang Beach live mostly as farmers, it can be seen from the fields and gardens located along the road leading to the beach. By making this beach as one of the attractions located in Klungkung regency, it is expected it can boost the economy in the area.

The beach is also suitable for jogging in the morning or a fun picnic weekend. Visitors can walk along the sandy path, enjoy a quiet atmosphere with natural scenery or just sit back and hearing to the crashing waves.

Lepang Beach has suffered severe abrasion in recent years. Many residents lost their land along the coastline. The government along with other stakeholders has handled this issue by installing grout mattress to withstand the abrasion.

As with the beach of Tegal Besar, this black sand beach is also a place of sea turtles to lay their eggs. During the nesting season, Olive Ridley turtles (Penyu Lekang/Lepidochelys olivacea) will emerge from the sea water into the sand and lay the eggs. Therefore, this beach is known as one of the sea turtle sanctuaries in Bali.

Lepang Beach is not as popular as other beaches in Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan but you shoud not underestimate its beauty. This beach has black and soft sand that will amazingly sparkling when it is exposed to sunlight.

The beach is also suitable for jogging in the morning or a fun picnic weekend. Visitors can walk along the sandy path, enjoy a quiet atmosphere with natural scenery or just sit back and listening to the sound of the crashing waves.

However, you are not recommended for soaking and swimming, due to the big and strong waves. This beach has less shade and really hot during the day. Visitors usually come in the morning or afternoon. The sunset here is really amazing. Many surf angler line up on the beach with their spinning rod, signifying this place as one of the surf fishing spots.

Besides becoming a tourist destination, Lepang Beach is also a salt farm in Klungkung area. After you’re done with the water activities, you can approach the salt farmers and watch the process of making salt. If they are not too busy you might even interact and have more knowledge about salt production.

There are also fishing boats neatly lining up on the beach. And in distance you can see the great Mount Agung, a scene not to be missed by photographers and selfie lovers. Because it is close to residential area, Lepang Beach has adequate facilities. Stalls around the coasts you can find are managed by local residents. They provide local snacks and drinks that visitors can enjoy. You can also easily find public bathrooms and toilets,dressing rooms and surfing equipment rentals.

Like it was said above, another attraction at Lepang Beach is that you  can see both beauties of sunrise, as well as bias sunset in the afternoon. So for the locals, Lepang beach is indeed more ideal to visit in the morning or afternoon. There is almost no shelter in this place, except in a small hut located on the beach, so if you are afraid of getting burnt, it is  best for you to visit in the afternoon or early morning except those who come for sunbathing purposes. For this reason the atmosphere on the beach is quite quiet, this place began crowded by visitors in the afternoon.
Visitors who enjoy this beach are mostl tourists who stay at the hotel area, including local residents. The nuance of the deserted and quieter beach of Lepang, it will certainly be an attraction for some to find tranquility with its beautiful beach scenery, breaking away from every routine, looking for a place to relax that is easy to reach, as well as for those who want to teach their children to enjoy nature of the beach, while relaxing and playing sand, then this Lepang beach become an ideal tourist destination. No entrance fee is charged to enjoy this place.

The attractiveness and uniqueness that is served by coastal tourist attraction Lepang, make investors put their interest in investing capital on the area, so a luxurious and modern resort built on the beach of Lepang and is called Wyndham Tamansari Jivva Resort.

So if you want to feel the atmosphere of quietness and stay accompanied by the peaceful nature of the beach and the sound of the waves, then the hotel is the most ideal place to stay.
Its  coastal area adjacent to Klotok beach, Tegal Besar, Pantai Lebih and Keramas. While the nearest popular attractions of the coastal area of ​​Lepang is Bali Safari Park Zoo and Marine Park, Kerthagosa, Goa Lawah and salt farmers Kusamba.

If you rent a car in Bali and plan a tour, then you can enjoy the above tourist attraction easily, but if you want to find other options by visiting a unidirectional attraction, you can continue your tour to the East by visiting the Blue Lagoon attractions in Padangbai , submarine Odyssey Submarine Bali, Tenganan village or Candidasa beach.