Travelling Around Bali Safely With Teman Bus, the “Friendly Bus”


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With President Jokowi’s plan to reopen Bali Tourism next month, July 2021, we think it’s necessary to do a review on safety-related issue such as transportation methods, that will make sure you have a safe travel while still having the fun you deserve after all these time staying home.

Other than having a majority of locals vaccinated, Bali, with help from the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, has been making sure that health protocol is being applied in all business places and public facilities.

Well, we have a great news. You will actually get to do a safe trip the next time you’re in town with the all-new TEMAN BUS service readily available to serve some of the most travelled routes on the island. What is TEMAN BUS, actually?

With the tagline of “Easy Reliable and Convenient Economical Transportation,” TEMAN BUS is an implementation of the Buy-the-Service program from the Ministry of the Republic of Indonesia in hope for a development on road-based public transportation in urban areas. Using reliable and non-cash-based telematics technology, the service is an improvement in both safety and security, as well as the convenience of your mobilization. The main goal of TEMAN BUS is to provide Economical, Easy, Reliable and Comfortable Transportation for the people of Indonesia. For this reason, TEMAN BUS has a minimum standard set by the government.

TEMAN BUS offers their service in two kinds of vehicles: the Medium sized buses hold a capacity of 40 passengers with 20 seats, while the Larger ones hold 60 passengers with 30 seats. Each vehicle has a priority area and is equipped with CCTV and driver alarm sensors as an effort to provide a sense of security for passengers.

The TEMAN BUS service also prioritizes passenger comfort by always maintaining the cleanliness of the area inside the bus and following health protocols by requiring passengers to wear masks, social distancing maintain 50% capacity and provide hand sanitizer.

TEMAN BUS provides very affordable fares. Not only that, it is also equipped with a mobile application to make it easier for passengers to get route information, bus stops and departure schedules. Thus, TEMAN BUS is expected to be the transportation with the best service in Indonesia.

The presence of TEMAN BUS in Bali is the third service in the Buy The Service (BTS) program launched by the Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia, with the PT. Trans Metro Dewata appointed to run the TEMAN BUS service operations.

This Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) transportation system supports the mobilization of the fBalinese people, especially the Denpasar area and its surroundings which are connected to Ngurah Rai International Airport, as well as other terminals and cover areas outside Denpasar City such as Tabanan, Ubud, Gianyar, Sukawati, Banjar Tegal. Jaya and Sanur.

Today, TEMAN BUS Bali is operating with a total of 105 units serving 4 routes or corridors, namely:

Corridor 1; Kuta Badung Parking Center – Tabanan Preparation Terminal.

Corridor 2; GOR Ngurah Rai – Ngurah Rai Airport.

Corridor 3; Ubung Terminal – Sunrise Beach.

Corridor 4; Ubung Terminal – Monkey Forest Parking Center

A more detailed information on the bus stops along the routes can be found on their website , that way you can plan your trip accordingly. Ready for a fun, safe, and free trips in Bali? We’ll be waiting! Until then, please stay safe and stay healthy. See you on our next article!