Traveling Solo to Bali? Here Are Some Mistakes You Should Avoid


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Traveling solo to Bali is mostly picked by ones to have a better chance to reflect and do some soul-searching, to make the trip much faster and simpler.

While most people prefer to do holiday with a group of friends or family, or simply their significant other, there are some of us who actually prefer solo travels.

We mean, we can’t be the only ones who prefer good, relaxing music in our ears to an overwhelmingly non-stop chatter of a travel-mate, right? Right?

Anyhow, like with anything else, there are some secrets to guarantee you an awesome and unforgettable solo trip to Bali; and above all else, it would be:

  1. Not planning it out beforehand.

As fun and carefree you think you are, please, don’t ever decide to do a solo travel without doing a proper preparation beforehand. Among the things that you should check are the current health protocols and whether it aligns with your ideals or not (we still require masks in most places in Bali, so if it’s something you feel strongly against, then you might want to opt for a different destination (please notice that your “right” to not wear a mask can easily send us to another year of dead tourism leading to yet another financial ruin.)

Another thing to check is whether you have options within your budget in terms of transport, accommodation, and travel itineraries. Also, really check if the hotel you’re booking or renting from the web is still running. Talk by phone and ask for a live video from the place if it’s possible (and they should be) before paying anything. So many hotels and home-stays closed down during the pandemics so please take caution.

  1. Not planning to stay long enough

You think 3 days are enough? Well, it might, it just means that you met the wrong people or went to the wrong places or came in the wrong season. In its prime condition, this island offers you thousands of amazing experiences that will surely take more than three days to finish. From soul-searching yoga and wellness classes in Ubud to hyped-up art classes in the cool hippie youngster area in Canggu, we are sure that there are tons of things to do for tons of different personalities here in Bali. Believe us, you’d regret not planning for a longer time to explore this beautiful island; especially with the long hours it takes to get us here in the first place.

  1. Coming in the Monsoon season

While it is beautiful here when it’s hot, many unprepared tourists find themselves soaking wet as they come in the beautiful wet season of the Monsoon. Yes people, as a tropical island, Bali has only two weather: it can be hot, or it can be raining. While we used to have a more distinct season back then, nowadays the alternating season come in a more random pattern; sometimes coming ahead or way past the estimation and dedicated timeline in the calendar. Though, if we might suggest, you can just get your raincoat on and walk about undeterred. Flip-flops and rubber sandals are your best companions in the rainy season here, so keep those pretty sandals in your hotel and save them for another day.

  1. Trusting the weather app too much

That being said, you shouldn’t rely on those weather-apps too much, either. So many of us have planned our day based on the weather prediction and find it to be a false alarm; wasting a whole day inside your room when you can actually have a fun experience in a random rice-field at an over-priced trip somewhere. Ha. Don’t make the same mistake; plan your days anyways and just prepare yourself with a lightweight raincoat or rain jacket or an umbrella, and you’re good to go.

  1. Thinking that you can drive a motorbike without a license

While most tourists bravely rent a motorbike and ride it everywhere, not many of them actually realize that they need a driver’s license to ride any motorbike over 50cc. Well, here’s a tip: you need a driver’s license to drive a motorbike (duh.) Be prepared to be stopped by the police for a random check and pay for the fine if you stubbornly decide to drive one without a license; especially when you don’t wear a helmet while you’re driving. Psst, your passenger needs a helmet, too! Still not think of it as a thing to avoid? How about this: most travel insurance WILL NOT cover any accidents if you’re driving without a license; and let’s be real, since most of you are not regularly driving a motorbike in your countries, it’s a good chance that you might have an accident (knock on wood) here.

  1. Not exploring the other parts of Bali

We get it. The Southern part of Bali is where the most exciting experiences are and you find yourself reluctant to go any further to explore the outskirts of Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, Jimbaran and Uluwatu. Well, you’re missing a LOT. Try exploring the Northern part of the island for more private and secluded beaches perfect for surfing and scuba-diving.

If your itinerary and budget allow, you should even consider going all the way to the Nusas (Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan) and the Gilis (Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno) or even Lombok. WHile these offer similar views by the beach, they all have very different vibe and culture you just have to experience.

  1. Stepping on a canangsari

The last and most common mistake that tourists do in Bali is stepping on the canangsari. For you who haven’t come to the island before, a canangsari is a term used by the locals to refer to an offering. Physically looking like flowers, snacks, cigarette and a burning incense on a small leafy basket; these offerings are usually on the sidewalks just outside a place (be it a house, an office or a business-place.) Intended as an offering to the gods, the Balinese people will feel strongly offended if anyone steps on it. However, if you step on it by accident, simply say sorry to anyone around and show a sincere face to let them know that you didn’t do it on purpose.

Well, those are the most common mistakes that we often see tourists do, and the ones we really feel like you should avoid. If this article helps you navigate a better solo-travel experience, please let us know and leave a comment. Do you have any tip for people planning to do a solo travel here? Share with us! See you in our next article; and please keep yourself safe and healthy until then.