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Oral and dental health should not be ignored, even though you’re on vacation.

Health is everything. Because without being healthy, everything means nothing. Health is not only about recovering from illness, but also about finding ways to prevent it. Few simple ways to stay healthy is to live, eat healthy and nutritious foods, get enough sleep, increase consumption of water, exercise regularly, and avoid stress.

But do you know that your teeth and mouth are also very necessary to maintain?

For you guys as a traveller, being far away from home makes a dental and oral treatment become your priority when traveling or on business trips. A study shows that poor oral and dental health could lead to various complications of dangerous diseases.

Teeth and mouth are vital senses that need to be prioritized. The oral cavity is one of the entrances to disease-causing bacteria to other body parts spread through the bloodstream. Without proper oral hygiene, bacteria could reach levels that cause oral infections, such as tooth decay and gum disease.

So, it is important to make sure your oral health is optimal, then the chances of bacteria that could enter the bloodstream is minimal. But if your oral health is not in a good condition, then the chances will increase by two to ten times.

Some of the diseases that occur due to poor oral and dental health are gum disease, which could become worse if not treated properly. Gum disease or periodontal disease could cause tooth-loss, infection, and other complications.

The worst case is inflammation of the inside of the heart, called endocarditis. This disease occurs as a result of bacteria in the mouth carried by the bloodstream through bleeding gums.

So, how do we maintain our teeth while we’re on traveling? Here we have five simple ways for you.

One, packed well. It’s not just for clothes or cosmetics that must be neatly packaged, toothbrush equipment must also be included in mandatory objects that could not be missed. Some toothbrush products designed specifically for travellers with the tiny size and packaging makes this toothbrush kit fit into a handbag.

Do not forget, always make sure the toothbrush is dried after use. Toothbrush that is left wet for too long could be a place for germ growth.

Two, bring a spare toothbrush so you don’t have to look for it if the toothbrush is lost or left behind. Even without toothpaste, we could still remove the plaque from the teeth by using a toothbrush and water properly.

Three, chewing gum. If you don’t have chance to brush your teeth, sugarless gum would be a solution. It can stimulate the release of saliva which help cleaning the teeth and mouth.

Four, eat healthy food, try to avoid consuming foods that contain excessive amounts of sweet or sour.

Five, check your dental and oral health regularly at least six months to the dentist. If you’re on travelling, go check the good local dentist around your area to have a dental treatment. Remember, prevention is better, before it’s too late.

However, good dental health is a combination of proper daily care starting from brushing your teeth and regular dental checks to the dentist. So, if you want to have optimal body health, don’t forget to maintain healthy teeth and mouth. Because, maintaining your oral health is an investment in your overall health.

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