Here’s what you should know about traveler’s diarrhea


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Traveler’s diarrhea or Bali belly is very common here.

Getting sick is part of the travel risk. It can happen anywhere, even at home. What make it differ is that the fact we are far from home, could also be a solo traveler.

The best idea is preventing this happens. Do not drink from the tap water here, wash hands before handling food and drink or at least use the antiseptic handrub/antiseptic gel, get it peel or wash raw fruit or vegetables properly, avoid undercooked meat or non fresh seafood, and so on. What if it still happen?

First, get rehydrated well, regardless how bad the diarrhea, keep taking enough fluid, like 2-3 liters amount of water per 24 hours, especially it the weather is hot. Avoid caffeine, such as tea or coffee, cokes/soda, alcohol for sure during this time. If it is not possible to replace the fluid loss, as if there is also nausea or vomiting and/or you start the signs and symptoms of dehydration, such as weak, lethargy, dizzy, no energy, not focus, consider to get IV fluid replacement therapy done by professional doctor in trusted medical provider.

It is possible to get it done by house/hotel call or visit in your room. Cause when we’re sick not so much energy left to walk in and waiting to see a doctor.

If you are able to handle the fluid loss by oral rehydration only, then take some antidiarrhe, antinausea if any, it is heal within 24-72 hours.

But it the symptoms quite bad, no need to wait seeing doctor as you need to heal soon to start the trip. If it is not so bad, no fever especially, continue the previous medicine, and fluid intake, avoid spicy, sour, undercooked meal, fruit and vegetables for awhile.  Consider sometimes to consume more carbs, such as bread, rice, porridge.

If it remains more than 3 days, regardless how mild it is, please go see a doctor.  We dont want you keep something like Salmonella, as a carrier, or parasite like Giardia and Amoeba. Get at least stool test done to exclude that possibility.


When it is indicated then it is needed, consider antibiotic that works empirically in the local area. As some antibiotic from overseas do not cover the bacterial infection here. Take probiotic does not significantly improve the diarrhea, but it is not a bad idea taking this.

Well, we hope you enjoy the trip, if you need more medical advice or care kindly contact us anytime anywhere 24/7 in Kuta, Canggu, Uluwatu, Ubud.