Top 4 Services Offered by Unicare Clinic Bali


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Welcome to Bali!

It’s always an exciting feeling about being in holiday. If you are staying Bali and need medical assistant for you, Unicare Clinic is the answer.

In this Article, we will talk about top 5 services offered by Unicare Clinic in Bali. UNICARE is the full-service health care for everyone. We give the best treatment to everyone’s individual needs by providing personalized and unique experience when you’re traveling in Bali.

UNICARE is staffed by some of Bali’s best Qualified Medical Professionals.  We provide full-service healthcare and offer the best treatment by providing personalized medical care for those traveling in Bali.  Our expert medical care will ensure you can enjoy every kind of traveling experience; healthy, energized, free of dengue, also rabies, and more.

Our IV Vitamin Drip will keep you healthy and looking your best. We support every kinds of traveling experience that you want to have; healthy, energized, beauty enhanced, free of dengue and rabies, and more. Our IV Vitamin, Dental care and Aesthetic services will assist enable you to make your vision a reality, so you can have the best traveling experience in Bali.


At UNICARE, We combined our medical expertise with our passion to help patients reach optimal levels of traveling with health, secure, also beauty through our IV Vitamin services, Dental Care, beauty programs and vaccines (Dengue & Rabies). With an excellent knowledge of the human body medically and completely, we strive to deliver the perfect platform to help you look and feel your best! Here are below we will listed our top 5 services offered by our clinic to give you a better insight.

  1. IV Vitamin Drip

Vitamin IV therapy, also referred to as intravenous micronutrient therapy, administers a high dose of minerals and vitamins directly into your bloodstream. While your body ordinarily absorbs nutrients slowly, vitamin IV therapy allows it to rapidly absorb nutrients at higher doses. Vitamin IV therapy has been promoted as a treatment for several medical conditions over the past few decades.

One benefit of vitamin IV therapy is that your body can receive proper hydration from the fluids it contains. This dehydration is believed to largely explain why people feel better after receiving this treatment. Another benefit of Vitamin IV therapy is that it is an excellent way to supplement vitamins for people with digestive issues that otherwise prevent them from properly absorbing the nutrients in their food.

In Unicare Clinic our IV Vitamin Drip can be use to cure hangover, flu reliever, jetlag reliever, and to enhance your health during holiday. We also offer you IV traveller package with affordable prices but the best services. If you are interested in our IV Vitamin Drip, you can contact us directly.

2. Dengue and Rabies Vaccine

While you are in Bali, make sure to get dengue vaccine because Bali is considered tropical province which have higher risk of dengue fever compare to 4 seasons country. CDC recommends dengue vaccination for children 9 through 16 years old, but only when they have been previously infected with dengue and living in areas where dengue is common.  This previous infection should be confirmed by laboratory testing.  This vaccine is different from other vaccines in that it is only recommended for people who have already been infected with dengue virus.  The reason is that children without previous dengue infection are at increased risk for severe dengue disease and hospitalization if they get dengue after they are vaccinated with Dengvaxia.  Therefore, healthcare providers should check for evidence of a laboratory-confirmed previous dengue infection before vaccination.

You should also consider to take rabies vaccine because Bali have a lot of street dog along in the road. Its better to always be safe. Pre-exposure vaccines are recommended for individuals considered to be at risk of exposure to rabies virus (see below). A record of vaccination should be carried and shown to those administering emergency treatments in a post-exposure situation. Pre-exposure rabies vaccine reduces both the number rabies vaccine treatment doses needed after a bite, and the need for rabies immunoglobulin in most circumstances, which is in short supply in many countries. If you looking for clinic for dengue and rabies vaccine Unicare Clinic is the answer.

3. COVID-19 Testing

Even though COVID-19 is not global pandemic anymore, we still providing you COVID-19 test, just in case you need it. We have two tests which are Swab Antigen and PCR test.

Swab Antigen Test: This is a less expensive test to check for active COVID-19 infection. Results after how long? Regular test – 20 minutes. What is tested? This test looks for Active COVID-19 infection. A nasal and throat swab is taken for testing. A negative results means the patient didn’t have COVID-19 at time of testing. Price starts from IDR 85K.

PCR Swab Test: This is often required for international travel requirements. Results after how long? Regular test – 2 – 3 days. Express – 24 hours. What is tested? This test looks for Active COVID-19 infection. A nasal and throat swab is taken for testing. A negative results means the patient didn’t have COVID-19 at time of testing. Price starts from IDR 275k

4. Emergency Cases

If you have ANY medical emergency cases, you can directly contact Unicare clinic or just come directly to our clinic. We also provide home services with the best medical equipment and health care provider.

Those are the top 4 services that Unicare Clinic offering to their patient. We hope you will always healthy and in a good condition during your travel, but if you are looking for medical assistant during the trip we are always here for you. Enjoy your holiday!