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The most anticipated multicultural event in Ubud is back.

The Bali Spirit Festival, an international event where world-famous musicians, yogis and dancers from every continent come to celebrate the diverse of culture.

Dig yourself for inspirations with world-renowned teachers, workshops, wisdom talks and seminars, discovering new paths to inner harmony, healing and our collective well-being. Open your heart to soul-to-soul connections, making new friends, and embracing new ideas.

The seven-day, eight-night festival, with over 5,000 attendees from 60 nationalities, all taking place at lush tropical garden venue that embodies the spirit of Bali.

We put our spotlight to this new born indie band, from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Tashoora is what they choose to be called.

Fun facts number one! The given name is based on the place where they usually have a rehearse.

This group consist of six persons; all singing (no main vocalist) and all playing the instrument.

They are Danang Joedarmo (acoustic guitar), Sasi Kirono (electric guitar), Gusti Arirang (bass), Dita Permatas (accordion and piano), Danu Wardhana (violin), and Mahesa Santoso (drum).

Fun Facts number two, Their influence of music, said Gusti, comes from Eastern Europe and Mongolian music.

All Tashoora’s songs were written by Danang Joedodarmo and Gusti Arirang. Their biggest influence in writing is social events that occurred around them. Therefore, Tashoora considers their song as a re-reporting of an event or reportage by slipping a question mark in the middle or the end of the song.

For example, their song “Light” was inspired by the events of Ahok (Basuki Tjahja Purnama) persecution in 2017, an incident where humans were infatuated by religion. Religion which was defended by a brutal way, Tashoora underline the incident with the fragment of their lyrics “Which heaven are you?”.

Another song contains a critic about the provincial government of the Special Region of Yogyakarta, enforces a policy that states the non-natives should not own land in Yogyakarta. The policy that has existed since 1975 was made “to protect the economy of local communities.”

Although the National Human Rights Commission has warned the government Yogyakarta since the policy was considered discriminatory, the warning was not followed up positively.

This discrimination problems, and the inconsistencies of government in implementing policies raise many question marks which are eventually spilled through the song “Sabda”.

Written from various kinds of incidents of discrimination against LGBT, their song “Ruang”, can be regarded as an introspection song. Through this song, Tashoora says to always be brave enough to give space to oneself; what is essential is being honest to oneself.

Currently, Tashoora is in the process of making the full-album and having some workshops going on. Make sure to see their performance by attending the most anticipated big annual event this month, Bali Spirit Festival. Check it out!

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