Ramada Sunset Road: A Trusted Private Isolation Accommodation to Avoid Family Cluster


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How often do we hear about people catching Covid-19 from family cluster? The answer is, way too often. Like any other viruses, one of the scariest thing about Covid-19 is the possibility to spread it to our loved ones. Even if we have done all the precautions and follow health protocols, there’s still a possibility that we caught the virus and unknowingly bring it home, putting our loved ones in danger of getting it, too.

While I’m sure that everyone here has been staying home and following all the rules, let’s just be honest. After a year of pandemic, there’s just no way that we stay home all the time. Many of us has to go back to work to make money, and there are also plenty other reasons that force us to go outside (and even out of town) every once in a while.

With the air travelling system being reinforced and once again up-and-running, it’s becoming easier for us to both getting out of town, and also getting a bigger chance to catch the virus. If you have been travelling and you have your loved ones at home that you would not want to share the virus with, here is a safety measure you can (and hopefully) do before setting your feet at the comfort of your home: doing a private isolation for at least five days outside of home.

Sure you can pretend to have a camping trip by staying in a tent, but come on, how comfortable could it be? Well, being in isolation doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort; and what can be more comfortable than staying in a four star hotel, right?

Well, if you agree with me, here is one particular hotel that will provide you with everything you need during your private isolation: The Ramada By Wyndham Bali.

Located in the heart of Bali tourism Sunset Road, the Ramada by Wyndham offers you plenty of room types to suit your need. From single bed to double beds, breakfast-included packages to bed-only ones, there will always be something suitable for you.

It is important that people who are required to comply with quarantine/isolation protocols are provided with support and care. Hotel staff who follow hand hygiene principles, physical distancing rules, and adherence to isolation guidelines, are at minimal risk.

The WHO has issued a document that sets out the minimum standard required for staff, including contracted staff, employed at hotels that have guests who have been directed to quarantine or isolate at a hotel that is not a State Health Incident Control Centre (SHICC) hotel. Hotels should consider having closed circuit television (CCTV) and some form of security is recommended. However, all hotels must have a front desk that is manned 24 hours a day.

Privacy of guests must always be maintained. The COVID-19 status of all guests must be kept confidential. All guests who are required to quarantine/isolate should be managed in the same manner, regardless of their COVID-19 status.

With strict rules from the WHO regarding the operational protocols for hotels offering private isolation packages, we can rest assured that our health and safety becomes the main priority for such accommodation; including the Ramada by Wyndham Bali Hotel at Sunset Road. Will you give it a try next time you come in from your over-town business trips?