Must Read! The Most Beautiful Prewedding Spots in Bali


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Bali is a well-known international tourist destination. This island, of course, only stores everything needed by both domestic and foreign tourists. Include a prewedding place.

Many people come to Bali just to capture their prewedding moments. Maybe you are one of them. If you are looking for references on prewedding places in Bali, here are some recommended places.

  1. Taman Ujung Karangasem

If you want to take a photo prewedding in Bali, just stop by Taman Ujung Karangasem. This location is also often named Taman Ujung Sukasada. This place carries a typical theme like a fairyland kingdom. You who are indeed interested, can prepare everything to fit the concept you want. There are many spots that can be used as cool locations for prewedding. The fixed price is IDR 600,000. If you want to take a picture on the boat, rent the boat for only Rp. 75,000 for a duration of 30 minutes.

  1. Danau Beratan

Besides being famous as a tourist location, Lake Beratan in Bedugul can also be used as a location for taking prewedding photos between you and your partner.The cool air, beautiful scenery, and a calm lake courtyard are definitely suitable for you who want to take the natural concept.The best advice for taking prewedding photos there is when the sun rises and try to take photos no later than 11 noon, because the lighting from noon to evening is not good for taking photos.

  1. Pantai Tegal Wangi

Only armed with IDR 150,000, you and your partner have the right to use Tegal Wangi Beach as an attractive location for taking prewedding photos.This beach has characteristics and a quite hidden location. Suitable for you and your partner who doesn’t like crowds. Beautiful beach views will make your prewedding photos very memorable.The best photo is when taken in the afternoon before sunset. Because the view of the sunset on the beach is no less beautiful than Kuta Beach.

  1. Blue Point Chapel

If you want to find prewedding photo spots in Bali that are quite expensive and prestigious, this is the place. Blue Point Chapel is a famous prewedding place that is often used as a shooting location. The cost of photo prewedding here is around $ 200 for every hour. The cost can increase again, according to the situation and conditions.

  1. Dam Sungai Unda Klungkung

If you want a different atmosphere than the others alias antimainstream, just come to the Unda Klungkung River Dam. There is a spot that is highly recommended for photo prewedding. Many foreign tourists also come there just to take pictures prewedding, you know. The unique thing about this location is a spot like a typical waterfall of the archipelago really if there are many small children who play there.You can also rent the services of small children there as an attractive property for photos. But you need to give them an allowance of Rp. 20,000 per child

  1. Bali Mangrove Forest

Mangrove forest attractions are always a good location for taking photos. Not only prewedding photos, ordinary photos will also have good results if taken in a mangrove forest. In Bali there is a Bali Mangrove Forest that can be used as a location for taking prewedding photos. The fees charged are also quite affordable, which is only IDR 200,000.The best time to take photos is morning and evening. Because daylight will only make you hot and uncomfortable.

  1. Sawangan Beach

A typical thing to be able to take pictures prewedding in this place is you can use the property in the form of a camel as an object supporting your photos. Suitable for you who want to feel like in Dubai. Sawangan Beach can be used as a unique location for prewedding by paying $ 50 for a photo duration of 30 minutes. Quite expensive, but the photos are definitely promising.To be able to take pictures there, try you have ordered beforehand. Because so many queues come in, especially on holidays.

  1. Mount Batur

Famous as a tourist mountain that has beautiful scenery, Mount Batur is certainly suitable to be a place of prewedding in Bali. You and your partner can freely choose the coolest spots there. The concept of prewedding that can be used also varies. You can use casual concepts, outdoor sports concepts, or even elegant concepts. The right time is morning. However, if there is a thick fog, the view might not be seen perfectly.

  1. Jatiluwih Tabanan Bali

Want to take a photo prewedding in a place that reflects the natural atmosphere of a rural setting? Just come to Jatiluwih Tabanan Bali. There, the photos will be good. The view of the rice fields that are piled up will make you and your partner look more natural. Green rice fields will also make you two can refreshing for a moment. The fee offered is IDR 50,000 only. Perfect for you who do not want to spend expensive costs.

  1. Gobleg

Gobleg is the name of a hill in the Tamblingan Lake area, Bedugul, Bali. Typical atmosphere of a beautiful and charming mountains will be the right location for you and your partner who want to take prewedding photos. There, you will be able to see the extent of Lake Tamblingan from the top of the hill. Of course, the cool scenery is suitable for you and your partner to spend vacation time while looking for the best prewedding photos.Many foreign and domestic tourists make the location the best location for prewedding as well. The elegant concept is suitable for you and your partner if you want to take pictures there.

  1. Amanda Chapel

Amanda Chapel is a building that is often used as a location to hold elegant and luxurious weddings. This location is also a cool prewedding location. Suitable for you who want to impress luxury. The location is in the Kuta area. You need to order in advance if you want to take a photo prewedding there because the queue is very long. There are many spots that can be used as the best photo location. One of them is a spot near a pond with a luxurious and minimalist building background.

  1. Bajra Sandhi Monument

Bajra Sandhi Monument is a museum in Bali that has an exterior like the royal Hindu Buddhist temples. This place is suitable as a prewedding place. Aside from the unique exterior, the interior of the Bajra Sandhi Monument is also interesting. There are many spots that can be used as the right location, one of which is a turnstile in the museum. Purat stairs are stairs to get to the highest point of Bajra Sandhi Monument that looks towering from the outside. In addition, the park around the museum is also very well organized and will be a cool photo object.

  1. Tamblingan Lake

In addition to Gobleg who is around Lake Tamblingan, Lake Tamblingan itself can also be a cool photo prewedding location. The wide lake view and the cold atmosphere will make the photos very amazing. Especially if combined with appropriate costumes and concepts. To take pictures there, the best time is the afternoon until the evening, because the view of the sunset there is very charming.

  1. Campuhan Hill

Located in the area of ​​Ubud, Bali, Bukit Campuhan is a suitable location for you who like the nuances of weeds and grasses. However, to take pictures there, you and your partner need to be diligent in exercising beforehand because you have to climb the hills which are quite steep beforehand. But do not worry because the scenery obtained will be very cool. The suitable concept is a simple casual concept.

  1. Kintamani

Who said that taking prewedding in Bali is always expensive? there are also, how come the cheap ones are even free. In the Kintamani area there are many free spots that can be used as photo prewedding spots in Bali. Although it’s cheap and some are free, your photos won’t disappoint. Even cooler than your previous expectations. Kintamani village, which is at a height, indeed has a very beautiful view. Its location that is easily accessible is also a plus for consideration.