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Bali Belly Package

Travelers to Bali can often be affected by what is known as ‘Bali Belly’ which is basically an upset stomach or travelers’ diarrhea

If you are experiencing abdominal cramps and pain, Nausea and/or vomiting, and Diarrhea this treatment is for you. It can be completed in less than 60 minutes and includes:

  • 500 ml of hydration
  • IV Stomach Protector Medicine
  • IV Nausea Medicine
  • IV Anti Cramping Medicine
  • IV Vitamin B complex
  • Oral medication

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UNICARE is staffed by some of Bali’s best Qualified Medical Professionals.  We provide full-service healthcare and offer the best treatment by providing personalized medical care for those traveling in Bali. 

Our expert medical care will ensure you can enjoy every kind of traveling experience; healthy, energized, free of dengue, also rabies, and more. 

Our IV Vitamin Drip will keep you healthy and looking your best. 

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