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Hey fellas, you must have heard the phrase that dog is human’s best friend, oftentimes. There have been many stories about dog loyalty to humans. They can be trained, play and live with humans and other dogs as well.

The loyalty and dedication shown by dogs are like the human concept of love and friendship. If you have ever watched the “Hachiko” movie, you will agree with us.

A Professor from the University of Illinois, Kelsey Witt, states that, dogs are the first organisms to migrate with humans to almost all continents. The dog’s position is no longer just an animal, but a human companion in its role as a multifunctional creature.

In fact, in some countries, dogs are used as a means of therapy for people with psychiatric disorders.

Furthermore, dogs have helped humans in solving various problems: bomb trackers, narcotics and guards. And, these four-legged animals can also be used as friends for a family.

And for many thousands of years, dogs have lived alongside us. Just like in Bali. It seems like there is no doubt that Bali is home to the largest dog population in Indonesia.

The fact is that almost every house has pets and in general their pets are dogs. Mostly, they act as a house-keeper. Here, you will easily find dogs walking freely from the narrow alleys to the main streets in the city, but not in the highway, off course.

One of the native Balinese dogs is Kintamani. This native Indonesian dog breed comes from Kintamani (mountain) region, Bali.

Kintamani has been registered in the International Kinology Federation (an organization that recognizes the authenticity of a country’s racial dog).

Previously, many people thought that this dog originated from a cross race between chow-chow, which was brought by Chinese Emperor 600 years ago, with a local dog. But after the research from Udayana University, Bali, it is stated that Kintamani dogs race was a native Indonesian race.

The Kintamani dog is a small-to-medium sized. They are typically less than two feet tall at the shoulder. Because of their nature home is the mountain area, they have a thick and long hair.

They have strong necks, broad chests, and thick plumed tails as well. This dog has agile nature and a high level of alertness. Therefore, the people counted them as a working dog or guard-dog.

Loyalty is also the original character of this dog, they will remember the owner who took care of them.

Kintamani dogs could be divided into three types based on the color of their fur, some are white, black, and brown. However, the white color is more prominent. They could survive to the age of 20 years old.

Interestingly, when they giving a birth, they will usually dig a hole as a place to give birth to their children. The hole is also used as a place to take care of them.

So, are you guys now interested to adopt one?