DWPX 2018, The Journey : A Decade of Peace, Dance, Unity Dedication


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DWPX is your early celebration on this month!

While Christmas Day and the New Year are definitely good reasons for epic celebrations, our cool friends from Ismaya Group might have added another thing to celebrate early on this month.

Marking its first decade (hence the X) of being one of the world’s most expected EDM festival, 2018 will see Djakarta Warehouse Project (widely known and called as, simply, DWP) dragging its massive amount of team, crew, stages, artists and performers well outside its home-base, Jakarta, all the way to Bali’s famous Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Cultural Park for three days promised to be packed with fun, excitement, and chances for us to dance our hearts out with the best line up of EDM artists and performers.

Back then in 2008, the much-loved festival has originally started as an event hosted by Blowfish,

A Jakarta-based night club establishment owned by the group, calling it Blowfish Warehouse Project, in which 5000 partygoers flocked the available three arenas.

Skipping the whole next year to rebrand and re-concept the event as the group noticed the excitement it has enticed in the hearts of the people attending, the first ever Djakarta Warehouse Project was held in 2010.

Ismaya launched the tagline “Peace, Dance, Unity” for DWP and moved the occasion to a much bigger, concert/festival-appropriate venue of Pantai Carnaval, North Jakarta, impressing audiences with the spectacular performance of big names such as Dash Berlin.

Along the years, DWP has switched so many venues and brought so many influential people in the EDM industry from all over the world to the country’s capital Jakarta, and with greatly constructed stages and venue planning, it is clear that Ismaya is doing something right that attracts people to keep coming for more.

This year, the mega festival will be held from 7 to 9 December (yikes, that’s like tomorrow!) with The Weeknd as the main attraction, along with Afrojack, Armin Van Buuren, Muramasa, Kungs, Alesso, and many more.

Early bird and presale tickets has sold out from God knows when, and if you really want to experience the much-praised DWP then the only thing left for you would be the early entry and normal tickets, ranging from IDR 2,000 to 2,500 K for a 3 days pass and IDR 800 to 1,200 K for the daily passes.

The remaining VIP Gold tickets are also available if you have no problem spending IDR 4,500 K for a 3 days pass or IDR 1,600 to 1,800 K for the daily pass. Aside from buying them online, you can get tickets offline at Kitchenette Beachwalk, Bali.

Visit the DWP website or Instagram handle for further information regarding how to get yourself some tickets.

If you’re coming from outside Bali, the good people from Ismaya have kindly provide packages including accommodation at assorted hotels within close proximities, a 3 days pass, and shuttle from and to the venue, ranging from IDR 6,700 to 7,810 K; which, if we may add, is actually a very good deal for Bali prices. Be sure to check their Instagram feed to check what stuff is prohibited for you to bring to the venue (psst, it’s a LOT) so you won’t have to carry a heavy bag only to see most of the contents being snatched from you at the search gate, and also to check the shuttle route and options to ensure you get to the venue alright.

Now that you have almost every information you might need, we think we might add an update about current Bali weather.

Since it’s the Australian winter these days, along with the fact that the country is located quite near from Bali, it will be no use for you to bring those cute summery outfits because it has been raining so much here for the past month or so.

Instead, you might want to throw warmer clothing like jumper and hoodies into your suitcase, though a raincoat or rain jacket will be much more useful to wear for the event. As we all know, with the bad weather comes the seasonal cold and influenza.

Add in the booze factor, and you might find yourself stranded on your hotel bed instead of joining the crowd at GWK. Stay fit and don’t forget to rehydrate after every wild night you have on the island with our special Hydro Medical Banana Bag Package and grab a friend while you’re at it because guess what? We’re giving you a Buy One Get One deal during DWPX so there will be no excuse for you to miss a day of the extravagance.

So, let’s party!!