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“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”

We often wonder what was on the mind of Bernard Shaw when he wrote this line in his piece Man and Superman; did it come to him from personal experience? Did someone tell him a story from which he got the idea? Did his mother used to tell him that? Whatever the reason was, this powerful sentence stays true for decades and decades that follow.

We all have that one friend or a couple who travel around the world solely for the purpose of trying out new food; from the gruesome lamb heads in the Scandinavian countries all the way to icky fried insects on the streets of South East Asian countries. Weirdly enough, it even seems like the weirder the food taste, the happier these people get. Does this ring a bell? Well, if you do know one, or better yet, find yourself as one of the kind, then you probably need to make a plan to go to Bali in the very near future.

As one of the most exciting dining destinations in the world, Bali is definitely a place to find not only great Indonesian food, but also fine dining restaurants with so many stars that may blind your naked eyes. The variety of the food offered in this little paradise may make you find yourself eating their traditionally cooked pork ribs, cheesy Italian pasta, freshly grilled Sea Food, and the country’s famous Nasi Goreng, all in the same day.

If you are a person who enjoys sitting back and relaxing through the holiday, then you should consider taking a culinary tour. This one easy step will guarantee you a magnificent palate experience full of exotic food and colorful drinks. A typical culinary adventure here starts with your private driver and local tour guide collecting you at your hotel, escorting you to your first dining destination just in time to view the sunset as you enjoy the first meal of the evening. As the journey progresses, you’ll have your taste buds travel through four of Bali’s most remarkable restaurants, feasting on their best dishes, and finally end the night with a selection of comforting desserts.

This kind of tour offers a very pleasing experience in regard of the island’s dining extravaganza since it is personally crafted with a combination of tastefully selected restaurants in attempt to turn your evening into an unforgettable dining marathon. What makes it even more exciting is how every destination remain unfolded until the tour begins. With each and every detail cared for, you can just sit back in your breezy gowns and let the palate takes the charge.

However, if you are more of a perfectionist and can’t stand having your day being organized without you, then worry not; we will share with you some of the best places to dine within Jimbaran areas so you can arrange the evening on your own.

Local Food Galore

No food adventure is complete without tasting some local wisdom. In this area of the world, the most perfect food are usually the ones sold in humble huts with no fancy dress codes widely known as “Warung”in Bahasa Indonesia. We suggest you not to be fooled by their simple appearance and get your tongue ready to be surprised instead. Here are a list of five best local Warungs in Jimbaran:

  1. Kedonganan Seafood Restaurants and Jimbaran Seafood Cafes – these ones are just the must-go places if you’re looking for some fresh seafood. Located just by the sea, these cafes and restaurants offer you the fun and satisfactory experience of eating good marine animals with a fraction of the price you’d be paying if you were in a fancy restaurant.
  2. Warung Campur-Campur, Jimbaran

Eating in an Indonesian warung might be a pretty interesting experience on its own. Mainly adopting the buffet style, most warungs here displays an array of rice (because we eat everything with rice) and side dishes to choose from. Since each of them are portioned and priced, by the end of the line you’ll be given a card with a nominal written on it. You then bring the card to the cashier and pay according to the nominal written there. These warungs have great taste and will definitely have you leave the place full in your heart and tummy.

  1. Warung Nasi Ayam Bu Oki (Jalan Celagi Basur No. 3Y, Jimbaran)

This one is famous for its Nasi Ayam (literally translates into chicken rice). Be warned that it is not the same with its in-laws the Hainan chicken rice, though. Balinese chicken rice consists of, well, naturally, chicken and rice; but they are cooked in an entirely different manner with those Hainanese ones. If you enjoy spicy food and the taste of herbs, then this is definitely a must-try.

  1. Waroeng Betawi Ahong (Jalan Raya Kampus Universitas Udayana)

Specializing in traditional Batavian (Betawi, the original inhabitants of Jakarta, the country’s capital town) cuisine, this warung serves the famous Soto Betawi (a must for you meat-stew lover), Soto Mie (a delicious street food consisting of noodles and chicken stew), Siomay dumplings, and a fantastic Gado-Gado. Do consider to pay a visit if you are interested in another authentic Indonesian taste.

  1. Warung Santai (Jalan Toyaning, Jimbaran)

Staying true to its name, this warung offers you a very laid-back (that is what “Santai” means) ambience in which you are able to choose whether you want to sit by the tables or the cushioned tatami-mats. Their chicken-cola is among unique local tastes you might want to try.

International Food Extravagance

Every food lover know the art of balancing between eating like locals and trying out the fine-dining experience when they are out and about in another country. Why do it any different in Bali when there are literally thousands of them to choose from? As overwhelming as it may sound, here we share the top five dining experience you just have to try during your visit to the island, especially if you are staying within the area of Jimbaran and Uluwatu.

  1. Kayuputi (St. Regis Bali Resort)

As a five-time winner of the Wine Spectator Award, this beachfront dining restaurant offers amazing Asian-influenced high cuisine menu alongside an untarnished selection of stellar-quality wine. Come on Sunday for a world-famous brunch menu selection to boast about when you come back home.

  1. Cuca (Jalan Yoga Perkanthi)

Just as the name suggests, this Spanish restaurant specializes in tapas so beautiful that it breaks your heart just thinking about eating it. Their Honey-baked Pumpkin Salad, Smoked Butterfish, and the BBQ Octopus is not something you will want to miss, and remember this: their cocktails are to die for.

  1. Sundara Beach Club (Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay)

With a Sanskrit name meaning beautiful, it seems befitting that the place combines the relaxing beach club vibe with an upscale five star restaurant to blow our senses away. Go there just after the sun is down to see the fire pits being lit and the bartenders get busy, you won’t regret it.

  1. Soleil (The Mulia, Mulia Resort and Villas)

This stunning, beachfront dining restaurant is one of the favorites among both local and international guests staying at the Mulia Resort and Villas due to its ocean view; especially when mixed with their Mediterranian and Pan-Asian cuisine with a selection of premium meat and grilled seafood. Their Sunday Brunch is also not something you want to miss as they are highly praised by almost everyone in the island.

  1. Sake No Hana (Omnia Day Club)

You will love how it feels to drink a glass of sake and munching some gourmet-style sushi surrounded by nature and Uluwatu’s sunny cliffs if you decide to try this London-born brand by the sunset. Truly a paradise.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” or so said our man Hippocrates; but with that many references of dining options, it will be wise to protect yourself and take a precaution. Bali is getting much and much better in term of food hygiene, very much more so in the kitchens of major hotelier brands that decide to try their luck in this beautiful island of the gods. Admittedly, though, there is something you’ll be familiar with as a Bali Belly, a case of upset stomach caused by either the difference of the herbs and spices used in their food, extreme climate changes, or the hygiene standard in the region.

There is almost nothing to be scared about if you still want to do a culinary tour as we have picked for you high-rated restaurants with four stars review and above, but when and if anything goes wrong, don’t let an upset stomach tears your holiday apart. Here in Unicare, we are equipped with the best concoctions and professionals to give you the antidote for Bali Belly: our famous Bali Belly Package. Next time you’re experiencing abdominal cramps and pain, simply go to our website and book yourself and appointment. Our on-call team will be more than happy to come to your place and administer this amazing liquid to reset your stomachs back to its prime condition.

Well, we guess it’s time for us to say, Selamat Makan!