IV Vitamin Drip at Unicare to Stay Fit On Your Bali Holiday


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IV Vitamin drip is our best signature when you’re exposed to both hot and cold climate in a day.

Adapting your body to tropical weather like this is so much easier to get sick. While we know that most travelers don’t pay attention to mild illness, we really think that it should not be the case today; especially with the seemingly never-ending pandemic and the Corona virus still very much a threat.

This means when your body feels really awful and you just don’t feel like yourself, you’ll be relieved to know that we offer excellent service to our customers.


As Bali’s tourism are slowly rising back on its feet, we see so many new business (and old ones, too) offering cool things to try and experience. However, not many travellers remember to check on the weather before coming in. What is hoped to be a sunny escape at the beach might quickly turned the other way around as rain falls heavily on you. Indonesia is, afterall, located in the Equator; with high rainfall rate and cold winds during some months of the year.


If the idea of injecting vitamins and hydration fluid into your bloodstream interets you enough, let us add even more fuel to convince you into booking a session right after you finish reading this. While we do offer non-IV treatments for those who are scared of tiny needles, we do have some IV packages avalaible, too. Below are the IV packages we have for you to choose:

  1. Basic Immune Booster Package. Priced at IDR. 400.000; this package is a very affordable way to boost your body immunity and get you feeling better in no time.
  2. Premium Immune Booster Package. Priced at IDR. 700.000; this elevated booster package will reduce your level of discomfort and make you feel like new again.
  3. Super Immune Booster Package. Just by adding IDR. 25.000; you’ll be able to upgrade the premium package into a super one. By paying IDR. 725.000, you will get the highest quality of vitamins and hydration right into your bloodstream, getting you all ready to get the party started once and for all.
  4. Anti-aging Drip. Priced at IDR. 425.000; this IV procedure will keep your skin looking young and radiant. When revitalizing your overall wellbeing is your priority even when you’re travelling, then this package is perfect for you.

To book any of the packages above, simply go to our home page and hit that “Book Now” button in the top-right area and fill the form or contact us via Whatsapp for a quicker response. Do you know which package you’re going to have? Well, wait no more and book us today. See you at the clinic!