Holiday Blast at Single Fin: Bali Nightlife For Surfers at Uluwatu


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This December! Make sure to visit Single Fin in the Uluwatu (Ulus) area during your stay in the Island.

Meet the holiday blast with loved ones and friends. What do you have in mind to make this season an unforgettable one?

Among surfers and non-surfers, it is definitely the right place to hang out if you feel like spending fantastic evenings, perfect place for Sunday nights.

Located on the majestically cliffs of Uluwatu, Single Fin is neatly nestled just below the Blue Point Hotel.  A really jaw dropping place with spectacular views, it started from scratch & humbleness as a surfer’s hang out where one could observe the rolling surf before going down to some thrilling rides, and quickly moved to the top and becoming the legend of Uluwatu.

Mesmerizing atmosphere, Ice cold beer, choices of good coffee, fantastic food and cool music including regular international DJs and live acts will simply make the coming to Single Fin is a must-do for anyone visiting Bali, whether you’re a first timer or not.

Many say that it’s a surreal experience to dance under the stars while waves are crashing below. Sunday night is the big night, nice music and ambience. And if you’re a surfer and happen to need any or just want to check on things then you might also take a look into the adjoining surf shop featuring surf wear, gear, books, photos as well as surf memorabilias

The most favorite spot to be while enjoying stunning views of one surfing spiritual homes will be at the cozy balcony, not to mention the biggest awesomeness we got when the sun sinks into the Indian Ocean, try to come early at least one hour before sunset to find a seat or book a table in advance especially on weekends.

The bar seems to be a bit too hectic during the weekly jam sessions but if you love being part of great crowd, then just go for it! Drop in for sundowner and watch the place come alive with the DJs and live music.

However, at any time of the day you can simply go to their bar and order cold Bintang to enjoyed with the stunning view. Be prepared though to pay more than the average cost you have to pay somewhere else but all you’ll find and get in Single Fin is worth the price indeed.

Despite all the gorgeousness and goodness of this place, it’s a bit hard for someone to get taxis that drop off people like most of other tourist’s destinations, you’ll have to walk up the road a bit to get one.

One thing’s for sure, an open space like Single Fin, you can easily find a lot of insects & bugs at night so make sure to bring some insect repellent, otherwise you’ll be dancing & scratching your skin at the same time.

However, do not let all little night creatures and insects, the heat or maybe eating problems interfere your healthiness and turn your holiday into disaster. Stay fit, drink a lot of water, eat as much as you need, do some small routine exercise while you’re enjoying the beaches and you’ll be alright.

If you happen to get some minor health problem and need to meet a professional, there’s a plenty of 24 hours medical care around the Island, equipped with modern medical necessities and provided by board certified professionals. We do!