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Disclaimer: Tourism trends in 2022 will largely depend on the development of the pandemic and the consequent opening/closing of international borders.

Hey, everyone. It’s time for a little travel advice again, though we’re sadly still in the middle of this hurricane Covid. That’s okay though, one can dream, right? Well, in this article, we are going to make a list on some of the most searched tourist destinations on the internet (oh internet, you beautiful thing.)

Now, some countries on this list might remain (or become) closed, but the fact is, it does not affect the rising demand and interest of global travelers. As soon as the travel restrictions are lifted, these could be the countries with magnetic appeal!



The Europeans, from Ireland and the United Kingdom all the way to Greece and Cyprus, nurture a growing interest in visiting Austria, the country landlocked in Central Europe.

Having more than 73 percent of the population vaccinated, and introducing the first mandatory vaccination policy in the EU, Austria could be heading fast to the safe tourism zone. It’s not a surprise it is headlining the list of travel ideas for 2022.



The interest for the ‘Australian travel declaration’ has grown 150 % in recent months. The rising popularity of Australia is noticeable in close-by markets such as New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

We cannot say the same for Serbia, one of the least vaccinated European countries (barely 46 %). The down-under continent, with its strict rules and policies, might not be the promised land for Novak Djokovic and alike, but for tourists adhering to the rules, it could become a safe travel destination soon.


  1. SPAIN

Without politicized debates and with citizens who trust scientists, Spain managed to become one of the leading European examples of how public health system backed up by its users can produce a better outcome.

This could be a great piece of news for travelers too, as the appeal of Barcelona, Ibiza, and the Canary Islands, is already calling them for a visit in 2022.


  1. JAPAN

With a growing interest from Singapore, Australia, the Philippines, but also the USA, Japan is returning to the bucket lists of tourists who already had to skip it for the Olympics in 2021.

Even if they have been among the world’s strongest vaccine-skeptics, the Japanese did not fall under the influence of anti-vax conspiracies, and now rank among the most immunized nations.

Spring might still seem far away, but ‘cherry blossom’ is already becoming a breakout topic on Google.



With Covid-19 coinciding with the final stages of Brexit, the isolated island of the United Kingdom seemed to be floating away from the European travel interest. But it could have a big come-back in 2022, especially for the closest neighbors such as Ireland and the Netherlands.

The United Arab Emirates, one of the regions most interested in travel, is also throwing eyes on the UK, just as Canada and the USA. It could be raining tourists in 2022!



Traveling to Hawaii is a top topic in Google trends, both in the last three months, as well as during the whole of 2021.

It is not only the favorite domestic destination for the Americans (who could also be eying the Virgin Islands and the Bahamas in the Caribbean in 2022), but a possible tropical getaway for travelers from Canada, Australia, and even Europe too.



If Canadians will be heading to Hawaii, who is going to visit Canada? Well, folks from the USA! The tourists could also come in greater numbers from other ‘united’ countries, such as the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

There are rising trends in Google searches for topics connected to traveling, travel restrictions, bans, advisory, and rules in Canada. This can only mean that once the pandemic normalizes, Canada’s border control will not have less work in dealing with the influx of tourists.



Under the attention of the gravitating markets of Australia, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, but also UAE, USA, and the UK, Singapore could be another country profiting from 2022 travel trends.

They have a high vaccination rate (over 83 %), and a willingness to find a way of living with the virus by easing restrictions and opening the borders (an opposite approach to Japan). This ‘open-door’ policy could prove very inviting to tourists drawn by this progressive city-state.



The interest in traveling to Bali, Indonesia, has grown in the last quarter of 2022, especially among the first neighbors such as Aussies and Singaporeans.

For everyone that needs a break, even from the ‘work and travel’ combo, Bali can offer healing through programs combining spiritual ceremonies, wellness, yoga, and for the most active holidaymakers – surfing.

Bali is also coming back as a honeymoon destination, but for those who are considering visiting South Korea, Jeju Island could be another suitable solution.



Mainly of interest to Australians and New Zealanders, but also with a slowly growing fan base in the USA, the archipelago of Fiji in the South Pacific could be another star of tropical tourism in 2022.

If you want to lie under the palm tree and enjoy crystal-blue lagoons, you might need to go through a couple of days of quarantine (the same as in Bali), but shall we adjust the definition of a hassle in order to afford the reward that comes at the end?


Although it was never an easy task to predict the future of tourism, the way we interpret data is a smart way to start.

Just be aware that there are so many variables one needs to take into account, making it the ultimate guessing game.

While pandemic is still around, our visions for 2022 travel trends are admittedly vulnerable. If scientists keep failing to predict how the virus will evolve, and politicians keep having a hard time understanding people to make decisions shaped by both circumstances and pragmatism, how can us travel psychics be sure of the change of needs, taste, and cravings of the world’s travelers? For God’s sake, we are not even sure if the so-called ‘travelers’ will still be existing!

What do you think?

Are you ready to start travelling again, or is the thought of queuing in an airport alone can scare your holiday plan away?

If you are ready to flee once again, which country will be the destination on your ticket? Let us know in the comment, we’d love to know.

See you in our next article; and until then, stay safe and stay healthy!