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Big Garden Corner

The rise of artificial tourism with unique and interesting photo spots has made various places start making them. No exception to Denpasar, Bali, with the Big Garden Corner. A contemporary tourist spot in the middle of the city with interesting photo spots. This tourist attraction is very suitable for visitors who like to take pictures. Because, there are lots of cool spots and interesting objects to capture. Moreover, its location is near the airport, making it easy to reach. Visiting this tourist attraction can be done from morning to night. So, visitors can determine the time and match the spot, either in the morning or at night.

Various Beautiful Stone Sculptures by Local Artists

Initially, Big Garden Corner was a sculpture gallery. But later, it was beautified and made a tourist attraction with a photography theme. Not surprisingly, here there are many stone statues of various shapes. There are statues in standing, sitting, and even sleeping poses. The Ganesha statue is one of the forms carved here. There is also a large Buddha statue in a sleeping pose and supporting his head with his hands. Most of the statues here are colorless, meaning they only rely on the natural color of the stone. However, some of the statues were painted in colorful colors. Like a statue of people lining up reading a newspaper, in pink, blue, orange, yellow and green colors.

Borobudur Temple replica

Not only unit stone statues, here is also a large replica of Borobudur Temple. The height of this replica of Borobudur Temple reaches 5 meters. There is not only one temple, but there are several temple stupas with the main one being the biggest. In addition, this replica is also equipped with temple reliefs on the walls. Similar to the reliefs in Borobudur Temple. Which is so neat and detailed.

Standing Stone like the Wiltshire Standing Stone

If usually a tourist attraction presents a replica of Stonehenge, the Big Garden Corner does not exist. Instead, here are Standing Rocks inspired by the Standing Stone in Wiltshire, England. Here there are clumps of rock that stand firmly. These stones are made as if natural formations. With a distinctive stone color with brown color. These stones are located near a small lake equipped with a fountain. While at the bottom, growing fresh green grass. The atmosphere looked similar to the Standing Stone in Wiltshire. Visitors can take pictures with poses while hiding between the rocks. While at the bottom, growing fresh green grass. The atmosphere looked similar to the Standing Stone in Wiltshire. Visitors can take pictures with poses while hiding between the rocks.

Tunnel of the Heart

From the name, this place might sound less romantic. But actually, this place is so romantic, especially as a couple photo spot. This spot is the main destination for couples visiting the Big Garden Corner. The Heart Tunnel is an artificial tunnel made of wire that forms a heart, the top of which is curved downward. The wires are decorated with flowers and leaves to make them look alive. There are flowers in blue, red, purple, pink, and yellow.

Color Umbrella Photo Spot – Colorful

Another spot that is no less exciting is the colorful umbrella spot. These umbrellas are arranged in such a way in the air. The bottom part is a path made of stone. Plus, around the area overgrown with various ornamental plants and quite lush coconut trees. It looks beautiful and is a combination of these colorful umbrellas and the surrounding plants.

Relax by Sitting on a Bean Bag

For visitors who want to relax, bean bags are provided to sit on. Complete with a small table and traditional colorful umbrellas for shade.

Big Garden Corner Facility

Here there are public facilities in the form of toilets. There is also a canteen which is so comfortable. As well as a large vehicle parking area.

Bali Zoo

The main attraction of the Zoo Park Zoo lies in the layout and design of the park with organized and directed visitor trails. With a very well arranged visitor path, making it the first-time visitor to the Bali Zoo Park Singapadu, will not be confused. Gianyar Zoo Park is very observant about this, so the zoo facilities are also equipped with water rides, which all children will love. A combination of a zoo and water rides, one of the main attractions for a vacation to the Bali Zoo Gianyar with your family.

Animal Feeding / Petting Zoo

Many Indonesian tourists have a vacation to the zoo, because most of them have seen a zoo before. If you vacation with children, in this zoo park, your child will get a unique experience.Because Bali Zoo Gianyar allows children to feed the animals. Such as feeding deer, feeding elephants, playing with rabbits and watching bird shows.

Petting Zoo opening hours, 10:00 – 17:00.

There is no fee for Petting Zoo activities, because it is included in the entrance fee for Zoo Park Bali.

               Photo with Orangutans

If you and your children want to be able to take pictures with orangutans, Bali Zoo Park Singapadu also provides. Photo locations with orangutans take place in the village of Sumatra from 14:30 – 15:30. Apart from orangutans, the Bali zoo is also home to several protected rare animals. Like the Sumatran tiger and the Bawean deer. Apart from rare animals, Zoo Park Gianyar Bali also has a collection of other animals such as white tigers, African lions and various types of birds and reptiles.

               Pony Riding Activity

Riding a pony horse game for children in Bali. Apart from playing in the Jungle Splash Waterplay, the Bali Zoo Gianyar also provides pony rides, especially for children with a maximum weight of 30 kilograms.

Opening hours for pony riding activities, 10:00 – 16:00.

To be able to enjoy pony riding activities, you will be charged IDR 35,000 / 1 child

Titi Batu

Titi Batu is the first Family, Sports and Wellness Community in Ubud, Bali. It is blessed to share a sacred holy land with a historical Balinese Stone Bridge. Titi Batu (stone bridge in English), was discovered over 200 years ago by two brothers who began using the natural structure as a means to connect their two villages. These villages are known as Mas and Lodtunduh. The mission of Titi Batu Ubud Club is to connect people from all corners of the world through shared values such as Community, Family, and Sports.

The facilities include:

– Stunning STUDIOS offering a large variety of classes for both adults and children and designed to enjoy gentle breezes and stunning rice paddy views during the workout.
– PREMIER UBUD GYM, with all of the equipment made in Italy by Panatta Sport (the world leader in fitness equipment and gym accessories) and certified personal training available upon request.
– Air-conditioned SQUASH COURT offering an environment designed specifically to increase your skills and a community welcoming both beginners and professionals for weekly squash social nights.
– PING PONG area of the squash court, with high-quality tables and equipment.
– MULTI SPORTS COURT, with outdoor Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Pickle Ball, and various other activities.
– STEAM, SAUNA & COLD BATH to relax or soothe the muscles, provide detox and relaxation and offer the rare option of dry heat when desired.
– SKATE PARK designed and constructed by Motion Skatepark Co. It’s the greenest skate park in Bali. Skateboards, In-Line Skates, and Scooters are all welcome and top instructors and equipment available for hourly hire.
– 25 METER LAP POOL open for Adults only (16yrs and up), designed for lap swimmers as well as a casual dip to cool off.
FAMILY POOL open to all ages, and catering to children and adults alike. The jumping bridge offers a thrill and a great photo opportunity.
– JACUZZI POOL for up to 13 people, designed to enjoy the stunning landscape while immersing your weary muscles.
– PLAYGROUND catering to children between 4 and 10 years old, with a two-level tree house, swings, white sand area, climbing ropes and many more.
– KIDS ROOM – an enclosed, air-conditioned safe zone for children to enjoy creative play and artwork. Toys, books, and art supplies are available as well as childcare, while parents enjoy a child-free swim, class or workout.
– SPA offering a wide range of treatments.
– INDIGO COFFEE SHOP featuring an all-day breakfast menu and palatial seating area overlooking the club.
– RESTAURANTS featuring an international menu with a large variety of mouth-watering options from all around the world, striving to prepare healthy, local, sustainable food options for both adults and children.
– GIFT SHOP aiming to carry carefully sourced products from small businesses that support their local communities. It also offers a large range of items for your daily needs.​