This Article Tells Clearly What is Dengue and How to Handle it


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Dengue Vaccination

Dengue is a viral infection transmited only by mosquito bite.

Traveling to exotic tropical countries may put you on risk for infectious disease. One of most popular and most terified is Dengue Fever.

Its incubation period varies and the clinical symptoms range from flu-like illness to hemorraghic shock and multiple organ failure that lead to death. The signs and symptoms including, fever, retroorbital pain (pain behind the eyes), headache, joint pain, muscle ache, general weakness, no appetite, skin rash, some might followed by common cold or respiratory tract co-infection, such as sore throat, cough, runny nose, and even nausea, vomitinh and diarrhea.

Early detection by doijg rapid NS-1 Antigen Dengue n day 1st-3rd of fever, is highly recommended for children, obese patients, pregnant mother, immunocompromised patient, elderly, and those who come with comoborbities such as heart problem, diabetes, kidney failure, liver dysfunction, auto-immune diseases, etc.

Like other viral infection, it is a self limting disease. Adequate oral fluid intake, proper nutrition, bed rest mostly enough with addiotional Paracetamol for fever and pain reliever.

Avoid taking Ibuprofen as it may suppres the platelet number and function, one of critical blood cell affected most on dengue infection. Supportive IV fluid reatment needed when clinically dehydrated, risk of bleeding occur as platelet drop lower than 100, or patient can tolerate oral fluid intake due to frequent nausea and vomiting.

As other viral infection may mimicking dengue, for active travelers they need to perform confirmation serology test of dengue on day 7th of fever. As it is important to record the infection of dengue.

The second infection might risk for worsen clinical syndrome in some population. It may prevent by getting dengue vaccine after infected by dengue infection. As we have 4 serotype of dengue virus, so another infection is possibly happen in the future.

The conclusion, find a professional doctor just like at Unicare clinic who has the capability to check your symptoms to confirm about dengue, as sooner treated the prognosis is better. Also to get the Dengue Vaccination right away.


Major cases of dengue are minor syndromes, treated as an outpatient is still possible so does continuing daily and traveling activities.