Glamping in Bali Might Be Your Getaway from the Stressful Days


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Are you ready to take glamping as one of your next destination to relieve your stress?

So you’ve planned a super vacation with your friends or relatives and have in mind some camping but not too sure die-hard camping is what you want? Not ready for the rough stuff? How about trying out glamping instead? (Yes, glamping = glamorous camping!)

Glamping is a portmanteau of “glamorous” and “camping“, and describes a style of camping with amenities and, in some cases, resort-style services not usually associated with “traditional” camping.

Glamping has become particularly popular with 21st century tourists seeking the luxuries of hotel accommodation alongside “the escapism and adventure recreation of camping” The word “glamping” first appeared in the United Kingdom in 2005[5] and was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2016.[6] The word is new, but the concept that “glamping” connotes, that of luxurious tent-living (or living in other camping accommodations), is not. In the 16th century, the Scottish Earl of Atholl prepared a lavish experience in the Highlands for the visiting King James V and his mother. Here, the Duke pitched lavish tents and filled them with all the provisions of his own home palace.

Some 400 years later, in the 1920s, an African safari became “the thing to do” among wealthy Americans and British. But wealthy travelers, even those in search of adventure, were not willing to sacrifice comfort or luxury. From electric generators, to folding baths, and cases of champagne, travelers were afforded every domestic luxury while on adventure.

Glamping is the modern equivalent, combining both yesterday’s amenities and today’s technology. Also called “boutique camping”, “comfy camping”, “luxury camping”, or “posh camping”, today’s glamping features such structures as bell tents, pods, safari tents, tent cabins, tree housestipis, vintage caravans, vintage trailers, and yurts.

Why camp when you can glamp? Infuse some glam to your camping! Here are below some great places in Bali in case you will experience the glamping vibe when you are visiting Bali.

  1. Your “Out-of-Africa” glamping experience – Sebatu Sanctuary

Enter Glamorous Camping at Sebatu Sanctuary! Forget about sandy tents, sharing toilets and showers, the time and energy that goes into the set up and pack down for just a couple of nights; it’s time to enjoy the great outdoors of the lush tropical forest in all comfort and luxury.

Glamping in Bali Might Be Your Getaway from the Stressful Days 1

If you’ve always dreamt of that grand jungle African escape, rest assured that you don’t have to travel too far to get a perfecto ‘camping’ experience. Enjoy an eco-experience at Sebatu Sanctuary, where you can experience the romance of camping under the stars, while being in total comfort of luxury tents.


We mean it when we say that staying in the glamorous tents will give you the total ‘back to nature’ experience without missing any of the luxuries of daily life – even the bathrooms are located semi-outdoors and come with a bathtub that allows for romantic bathing under the stars.

You can even use the resort’s pool with lovely rainforest views! The tents are equipped with insulation and are air-conditioned. And if you feel homesick and need to get to the kitchen to feel better, you will be glad to know that the property features a separate kitchen out of bamboo, which includes a refrigerator, microwave, sink, and stove! Get some quality organic eats prepared for you here too at the onsite Epicurious Restaurant, and enjoy their juice and espresso bar (except on Mondays) – they even grow their own Arabica coffee and roast it on site!

With proper beds, Wi-Fi, shower, bath tubs, A/C, TV and more, we are not quite sure you will even want to camp again after experiencing glamping at Sebatu Sanctuary!

  1. A barefoot luxury beachfront glamping experience – Menjangan Dynasty Resort, Beach Glamping and Dive Centre

This luxury beach glamping resort bordering West Bali National Park and surrounded by lush jungle and mangrove forests will get you completely obsessed with glamping! Time to forget all about the hustle and bustle of the more touristy sides of the island. It might take you slightly more than 3.5 hours’ drive to get here from the airport, but it’s totally worth it!

Glamping in Bali Might Be Your Getaway from the Stressful Days 3

Your staycation at the glamping site looks adventurous but trust us as it is 100% comfortable. The surrounding environment is kept as natural as possible, so you can wake up to the chirping of birds and fall asleep with the natural white noise of bugs and you only need to take a few steps to an incredible underwater world.

So if you are looking to sleep on a queen-size bed while not missing the peace in the middle of nature, these glamping tents make fantastic weekend getaways. Now that you entered the world of glamping, the fancified version of roughing it out, you might put a cross on all of the camping plans you’ve got!

Boots and trendy bikinis are all that you are required to pack, or anything fancy is also fine!

Glamping in Bali Might Be Your Getaway from the Stressful Days 5

  1. Opt for a bubblicious stay by the beach – Bubble Hotel

This Bubble tent is a new trend that’s gaining popularity in a few countries. Your accommodation is literally a bubble on the beach!

Can you imagine waking up on stretches of soft sand beaches while the sea crashes merely metres away from you?

Glamping in Bali Might Be Your Getaway from the Stressful Days 7

Since the tent is transparent, there are no secrets, it’s just a king-size bed in a bubble 10 metres from the sea. Needless to say, there isn’t air-conditioning.

Glamping in Bali Might Be Your Getaway from the Stressful Days 9

Each bubble can fit two people, but if you’re traveling in a group, the staff at Bubble Hotel can set up three more bubbles in close proximity. Upon request, breakfast sandwiches, lemonade, candlelight dinners, and campfires can also be prepared for you! Now you’re probably wondering where to keep your bags and where the bathroom is. There’s actually a secure storage area provided to stash your things as well as a private toilet and shower area. From your bed, you’ll get to enjoy unobscured views of the ocean as well as the stunning star-studded sky if you happen to stay on a clear night. You’ll be surrounded by beautiful Bali greenery, and if you’re keen to cook on the beach, you can request for a BBQ too!

Now that you’ve heard all you need to about glamping, how does it sound to you?

Are you ready to take glamping as one of your next destination to relieve your stress? We can not wait for you to come here and feel the new experience from glamping. See you soon!