Fun Facts and Interesting Details About Nyepi in Bali


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By the time you reach this month of March, you definitely must have heard about Nyepi day or the day or silent majority more than once.

If that’s so, good, it means that, thou you don’t celebrate the day, you’ve somehow prepared for the occasion.

But what actually you, who don’t celebrate it, know about Nyepi besides the Silent Day? Is it really enough for you to stay in your own home enjoying it? Or you choose to find comfort to one of many hotels in this island or even just leave the island just like a holiday gateway?

If you really know the essence of Nyepi, probably you might understand why you might also need Nyepi day once a year in your life. Besides Nyepi day you might find these culture events interest you.

Nyepi these days not just about ceremony anymore. Somehow it’s a celebration, mostly semi-doomsday preparation or even an excuse to call it off all stressful things for a day.

For people who get used to outdoor activities or have little kids home, might find Nyepi day is a kind of a restraint that lead people to continue to be semi-free doing hotel getaway or if it’s too expensive, they will do massive shopping from foods to entertainment like home movies or games for that one particular day.

Check out the internet for Nyepi package promo, you will find it countless there with various offers. Or, visit supermarket near Nyepi day. You’ll see ocean of people flocking inside like there’s no tomorrow, again, just for that particular Nyepi day. Pretty exciting isn’t it?

Well you can do better than that. Few steps to enjoy Nyepi day right before and after is here for you.

First, make sure you go watch the Ogoh-ogoh Competition in Bali. Some regents might not be having competition but strolling between Banjars will bring same excitement too. Pretty sure they’ll put their ogoh-ogoh outside the Banjar or even to the nearest big road for some show off.

Second, remember that while you don’t have internet connection and cable TV to entertain you, doesn’t mean you must go wild preparing Nyepi. You just need to remember that you will definitely eat 3 times a day and twice snacks session, so just multiply it with the number of your family member you have in the house.

What to do? You can engage with your family member or if you alone, play games or watch movies or even just catch up sleep you’ve lack off. Just remember moderation while you shop, it’s just a day inside the house, people…!

Third, get ready for the Omed-omedan ceremony right after Nyepi day in Denpasar. It’s in Banjar Sesetan Kaja, South Denpasar to be exact.

It’s a unique kissing ceremony performs by the youth in that Banjar. Keep in mind also that this event is considered heritage of Banjar Sesetan so you will compete with the rest of Denpasar citizen who also wants to watch the event.

They start the festival around 3 PM so make sure to get a good spot beforehand. The banjar also doing bazzar selling local foods and stuff so you can find interesting stuff there too. I’m Sure you all excited to welcome the upcoming Nyepi day by now.

Some interesting facts for you about Nyepi day: Nyepi day had inspired The United Nations designated a “World Silent Day” every March 21.

Since it’s prohibited to use electricity for lights during Nyepi day except in hospitals, Bali saves electricity by 60 percent, or about 290 megawatts which equal to Rp 4 billion.

Since no one’s allowed to go out during Nyepi Day expect pecalang, of course this island is free from traffic, noise, pollution, even the airport and Bali’s aerial space is closed! Indonesia also reduces the emission of carbon dioxide by approximately 20,000 tonnes just from this one day of Nyepi day on Bali.

Last but not least, Nyepi day is the day where you can have a guilt-free day of completely doing nothing.