Fun Challenges to do While You Stay at Home


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Hey, folks! How are you all doing today? How is quarantine working out for you?

If you are spending quarantine days in Bali, then you would know that even though there are still some businesses that stay open, so many of them have take a long break, too. No place is open after 9 PM, which, admittedly, kind of make us feel like a school kid all over again, but hey, with the exception of getting positive with the virus, it is essential that we keep a positive mind into this condition.

With all of the time we have to kill at home, it is very understandable if you feel like you are going slightly crazy. What can you do besides working, eating, sleeping, and binge-watching on Netflix? Well, here we compile nine challenges to do at home within three base cathegories: fun challenges, health challenges, and couples challenges. Of course, not everyone needs to be in a relationship, so you definitely can modify the ones for the couples so it fits to do with friends instead.

  1. Fun Challenge
  2. The Guess That Song Challenge

There are multiple variations of how to do this challenge. You can play a song clip backwards, hum a song, give each other hints to guess the song title, whatever you want! There’s really no wrong way to do a challenge like this one unless you’re not having fun.

  1. The Say Anything Challenge

As exciting as the name sounds, this challenge is more interesting when you play it! While two friends can participate, it is better if more friends are playing. What you have to do is say whatever word that comes to your mind on your turn.

The next person has to say a word beginning with the letter that your word ended with. For instance, if you said “train,” your friend has to say a word beginning with the letter “n.” Moreover, no words can be repeated; whoever repeats a word and pauses for more than one second when saying the word is punished.

The punishment can be anything, but usually, it is to put scotch tape on the speaker’s face. You can be creative and think about other penalties. The game ends when all participants cannot think of any more words, and the winner of the challenge is the one with the least scotch tape on their face.

  1. Soda Challenge

The biggest challenge to this one might be for the person who has the job of finding twelve different soda flavors.

Compete with a friend and guess the taste of each soda. The best way to play is to be blindfolded so that you can’t see the color of the soda. You can smell if you want, but remember, the taste doesn’t always match the smell. You get a point for each correct guess, and you guessed it, the person with the most points without getting sick wins the challenge.

  1. Health Challenges

Admit it, you take a walk to the fridge many more times than you go to the bathroom; except if those fridge-walk involves cold beers and soda cans.

We would use this opportunity to remind you the main reason we are staying home: to stay healthy. So get your yoga pants on and let’s do some fun challenges, you couch potatoes. Might as well take a few nice pictures for the ‘gram (Instagram) so you’ll remember these days when these are all well behind us. How does that sound?

  1. Yoga Challenge

Honestly, it is pretty self-explanatory. Basically, you have to do some yoga every day; a certain poses in a certain time. The more difficult the asana, the greater your Instagram feed will look. Oh, and of course, since Yoga is very well known to give you good vibes and energy, those will be the bonus you get after completing the challenges. To make it even more fun, involve the whole Yoga Class and host a Zoom Yoga Class instead. You can even wear matching outfits if you decide to make a video and post it on social media.

  1. Workout Challenge

If you’re not into Yoga, you can do a Workout Challenge instead. Pick a (or some) activities and set a time or counts for you to accomplish. You can do planks, push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, whatever you want and need to do. Use your favorite outfits, look awesome, get some pictures to inspire your friends. What’s more important is, stay fit and healthy.

  1. Dance Challenge

Not into Yoga and Fitness? It’s okay, you can still work out in a more fun way while hearing your favorite songs from 1998 blasting from the speakers. Dance it out, people! Unleash your inner Madonna and give your body some good moves. If you have no idea how to dance, it’s time to use YouTube for inspo. Simply search for your fave upbeat songs video clips and see what the dancers are doing; then try to imitate them. Have fun, don’t worry, no one is going to judge you if you miss a move- or two, or three.

  1. Couples Challenge

Since we’re all having so much time on hands, why not use this unfortunate situation to know your partners better? If you have been married or in a relationship for a long time, this is the perfect time to spice things out. You know, rekindle the fire so it stays on alright. However, since we cannot go out on a date, here are some alternatives to do with your partners. Just bear in mind that some of these needs extra preparation like having the kids go to bed first… if you know what we mean. We don’t play games here.

  1. The Dating Challenge

To make this more fun, take a turn with your partner and have each of you do it on the weekend; that way you’re guaranteed to have a date four times in a month. The challenge itself is actually pretty easy: each of you have to prepare a perfect date for the other. Remember, it’s supposed to be perfect for them, not you. Use your knowledge of them that you have gained from the time you spent together. However, you are not allowed to ask your partner what a perfect date would be for them. By the end of the night, ask them to rate the date. Use this rate to orgnaize a better one next week.

  1. Sweet Talks Challenge

it is sometimes hard to remember to say nice things to our partner when we are stuck in a rut. Let us remind you, don’t take them for granted. This challenge is good to make you and your partner to feel loved and appreciated again, and there is so many ways to do it. You can challenge each other to blurt a compliment every time you ran into each other.

You can also set a time-frame in which you have to thank them for five things they have done for you or help you with that day. You can even change the rule a bit and switch the words into hugs or kisses if you are not so good with words; the possibilities are endless, but the goal is to make your partner feel the love and appreciation they deserve.

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  1. Naked Challenge

And finally, for the feistiest one. Again, the title is pretty self-explanatory. And please, make sure the kids or any other house mates are asleep if you decide to do this challenge outside the bedroom. Psst, if you ask us, it’s actually much more fun if you do it outside the bedroom. The idea is to surprise your partner with -you guessed it- your naked body, and see what their reaction is.

Some people are making videos of their partners’ reactions and woohoo, needless to say, those videos are not very long. Everybody seems to immediately finish what yhey were doing and (just almost) come running to their partner’s smokin’ hot body. Well, you know what they say: go bold or go home.

So, what do you think? Will you try any of these challenges at home? We hope you do, and we hope we all stay health. Until next time!