The fascinating ubud & The green scenery of Tegallalang


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Known as the cultural center of Bali, Ubud sits just an hour north of the capital city, Denpasar. Ubud originally served as a source of medicinal herbs and plants, deriving its name from the Balinese word ubad (medicine). Numerous rivers converge in Ubud, providing incredible valleys for exploring, hiking, and simply enjoying.

Balinese people are extremely proud of their heritage, and it is fascinating to witness such strong adherance to the traditions of Balinese Hinduism woven into modern life. Visitors are often treated to phenomenal parades though the streets. Visitors also love visiting Ubud’s fascinating Monkey Forest.

There are two markets in Ubud, one for the locals and one for tourists. While you can find some fun items at the tourist market, you need to go to the local morning market if you want an authentic Balinese market experience.

The only catch is that you need to get up early to be there when the market is busiest and to get your hands on the freshest ingredients. The first trucks with fresh products arrive well before sunrise. At around 5:00am, when most locals have done their shopping, many vendors shut down and products aimed for tourists starts filling the market.

Bali indeed presents so many stunning natural scenery, one of which is the Tegalalang Terraced Rice Field in Ubud. This tourist spot is one of the tourist places frequented by tourists. both from within the country and from abroad.

The Tegalalang Rice Terrace in Ubud is an attractive place and visited by many tourists. Especially foreign tourists who want to feel the typical atmosphere of the countryside on the island of Bali. This place makes Bali a tourist destination with unique art and culture, beautiful natural panorama, and safe environment.This very ecotouristic tourist area offers the attraction of many terraced rice fields, where there are cafes to hang out with. In the tourist spot of Tegalalang Sawah Terasering Ubud, you can enjoy the view that can spoil your eyes like a stretch of terraced rice terraces that are very cool, you will see terraced rice fields interspersed with terraced tiers and neatly arranged. A green rice plant refreshes the eyes and soothes the viewer.

This tegalalang terrace presents a stretch of rice terraces with terraces neatly arranged. Surrounded by the many tropical trees such as coconut and palm trees make this area look like it is wrapped in a beautiful frame.

Can you imagine how beautiful the atmosphere there. To enjoy the beauty of a trip to the Tegalalang Terrace Rice Fields in Ubud, you can not only feel or see the sensation from afar, you can also go straight down to the rice fields by walking along the rice fields that are stacking and winding. As it is known that paddy fields in Bali are a source of irrigation known as the Subak system and if in the harvest season, you can be directly involved and watch more closely how farmers planted rice seeds in the Tegalalang Terrace rice fields in Ubud.

Because Tegalalang’s terraced tourism object faces east, so the best time to visit it is in the afternoon, when the sun has begun to set to the west. If you want to stay longer while resting, you can relax in the restaurants around the location while just enjoying a warm drink by seeing the natural beauty of Tegalalang rice fields which is still beautiful.

When you visit this attraction while the rice fields are still plowed, the nursery period, and the harvest, the atmosphere and scenery still look amazing, but still when the rice fields that are to be harvested have a more special impression, imagine when you see rice plants that are blown by the wind swaying gently makes you forget the burden of living for a moment. The location is on the edge of the main highway, so the parking facilities are still on the shoulder of the road. However, there is a parking attendant who has set it up so there is no need to worry about vehicles. No entrance ticket is charged for tourists. But enough to pay for a motorcycle or car parking ticket of Rp. 1,000 / vehicle.

Along the main highway Tegalalang there are many shops by or souvenirs lined along more than 9 kilometers, various kinds of handicraft products can be found that provide many desired options. The souvenir shops sell delicious Balinese handicrafts such as wood and iron carving works as souvenirs that can be brought home such as giraffes, elephants, cat-cats, dolphins, wooden masks, wood carvings, rock carvings and many more.