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The New Year’s celebrations in Bali is generally felt most in the central tourist areas such as Kuta, Legian, Seminyak and Petitenget. From sunset until the early morning, the area seems to have never slept with music, trumpets, and fireworks where every hotel, bar and restaurant from the cheapest to the most luxurious competes to hold a lively new year party, starting from carrying out unique themes to presenting world-renowned DJs and musicians.

But Kuta and Seminyak area has been always so crowded and lots of traffic for the last few years. And if you’re trying to look for another good place, Uluwatu is the best choice. Less traffic, and has a different atmosphere off course. There’s many good places in Uluwatu to enjoy, such as Ulu Cliffhouse or Omnia Beach Club.

Ulu Cliffhouse offers a series of international menus inspired by Chef Muñoz’s trip to several countries in the world also pampers his guests with sea views from a height of 25 meters. Its location at the top of the cliff makes it one of the favorite places to relax for tourists. It also has a direct access to the beach area by descending several steps. The Shed London design team that designed the Ulu Cliffhouse provided a modern, contemporary and youthful touch to its architecture and interior.

Separated by a height of 25 meters, the swimming pool at Ulu Cliffhouse is an oasis in Uluwatu for those who want to relax without having to go down through many stairs. At the side of the pool, there is a lounge equipped with a hammock, able to accommodate up to 300 guests. The drink is available in many choices, ranging from fresh juices, kombucha, tonics to herbs. When its sunset, stop by the Ocean Deck which provides several cocktail concoctions and secret paths to the soft and sandy beach that borders the clear sea water. Or if you want to have fun all night, the Ulu Cliffhouse regularly brings famous DJs to live the atmosphere and entertainment.

Looking for another catchy place? Omnia Beach Club Uluwatu is the answer. On this upcoming New Year’s Eve, Omnia Beach Club will present a sensational Extravaganza Party, on the edge of our infinity pool, while watching the sunset at the end of 2018 & celebrate the new year in style. Feel the experience which you will certainly not find anywhere else. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean, where the sea meets the sky on the horizon entertained by various guest stars and music that is guaranteed to keep you dancing from noon to nightfall. At midnight, it will be the peak celebration when they will deliver the midnight fireworks show above the Indian Ocean, we will enter the early hours of the new year until 2am.

This New Year’s Eve entertainment will be colored by the shrewdness of some guest stars. One of them is a DJ that is known globally, DJ Ruckus from USA. Curious about the rest of the artist? Be sure to check it out their official website!