Seriously Travellers! Bubble Hotel Bali: A Place to Remember


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If sleeping in a tent sounds okay for you, there are times when you just have to keep those sleeping bags tied under your bags and splurge yourself for a night or two at the Bubble Hotel Bali.

This goes to you whom like adventure and going on trips around the world, chance is, you’ve got yourself a bucket list full of places you want to go to before you die–or settle down.

Picture this: you, your S.O., the stars, the Indian Ocean, a bonfire, and a space so ethereal you’ll spend the following nights wondering to yourself if it was just a dream.

This, we can assure you: it was. Well, at least. While the hots prefer not to share their exact location before we make a booking, they are kind enough to inform that it is located in Pecatu, Uluwatu, around 20 to 25 kilometers or around a 90 to 120 minutes-drive from Seminyak; surely an experience you will never forget.

Imagine sleeping under the starry night in the arms of your loved ones and falling asleep with the sound of the sea and fire –but without nasty mosquitos biting you every two seconds. Sounds like heaven, right?

Honestly, though, with or without a significant other, this bubbly (pun intended) experience is one you will enjoy tremendously. As their customer say, it is the perfect place to connect with yourself, especially if you include a bonfire and hot meals in your order.

Make yourself a cup of warm coffee or tea, listen to the sea and the sound of the monkeys (yes, there are monkeys in the area, but don’t worry, Bali animals are routinely treated and vaccinated), or play some cosy tunes on your phone; just don’t forget to put your headphones on so no one will be disturbed. They might prefer the sound of nature after the everyday playlist you got going on.

The hosts recently added some bigger bubbles that fit a king-size bed (they previously provide smaller ones with a queen bed in each of them) and even some with curtains–which can help protect your privacy should you need one.

Moreover, it seems that they know pretty well about the kind of experience people dream of having since they offer airport transfer, lemonade, a romantic dinner, flowers, a bonfire, BBQ, candles, games to avert your focus from your phones, Frisbees, kites to fly, a volley ball to play on the beach, telescopic star-gazing, polaroids, a massage… the list goes on and on. It’s like they want to make sure you get an amazing experience.

However, it is important to note that this bubble hotel experience is exactly what we said in the beginning: an adventure.

From the start point where you should get all of your supplies for the night (extra water, snacks, mosquito repellent, light food to munch on while you wait for the food you ordered) to the bubbles you will need around 20 to 30 minutes down a trek that, according to some people, are quite difficult to hike on.

Be prepared with a good anti slip trekking shoes since it can get quite slippery on some areas, especially during the rainy season, which, on the other hand, will definitely help cool down the temperature in the bubbles in the day time. Some former bubble hotel experience guests recommend to come an hour before the sun set as it will be much cooler in the bubble and you will also get to see one of the most amazing sunsets in your life.

As far as humidity goes, it is hard to imagine a beach without a certain level of humidity; so it is something you will definitely meet in the bubble. Another thing to note is to bring some kind of portable lighting to put in the bathroom since it gets very dark after sundown and we all know how annoying it is walking in the dark in a place you are not familiar with (hello, there, blue pinky toe). This can also be your lighting if you decide not to order the bonfire but still wants to sit outside the bubble before you go to bed.

As stated in their site, the secluded beach is just 10 meters away from the bubbles, but you can’t really swim there due to the strong currents. Some people talk about the rubbish on the beach which we think should be part of the vicinity’s responsibility. However, it is still a nice experience to have a pretty secluded beach for just a few of us, although it’s actually a public beach with very limited visitors due to the long walk down and up the hill. It is also said that you can buy lunch from a nearby beach warung but not for dinner since they close off near the sun down.

This amazing bubble hotel experience is priced at $100 a night, which some consider to be worth the money and some don’t. With a not so good communication line with the staff, it will be a good idea to come all prepared: pack the things you need for the night and leave the bulky luggage in the receiving point, wear an anti-slip trekking shoes, bring lights or flashlights, a small, battery-powered fan to combat the humid air, and pray that the blowers that keeps your bubble inflated does not go out of gas in the middle and night (which will deflate it and leave you under a mess–not dangerous, just very annoying.

All and all, people tend to give the bubble hotel experience a thumb up; but only if you are one that can go with the flow, and just go with anything the universe throws upon you. Otherwise, it can be quite a challenging experience and a day of hiding in the bushes when the bubbles get too hot for you to be inside. A truly unique and amazing experience that no one in Uluwatu should miss.

See you in the bubbles!