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This article is dedicated for you who loves to attend a soulful cultural festival with a touch of contemporary music inside. Go deep with the Bali Spirit Festival 2019. Held on March 24th to 31st at the Bali Purnati Foundation, Ubud.

The Bali Spirit Festival has been held since 2008.

It is a gathering place for fans of yoga, dance and music from around the world. Both from the artists to the audience, are ranging from students to the general public. This festival has become a special attraction for the music and culture lovers.

This annual event explores the richness and the diversity of Indonesia’s culture, combining the west culture and east culture together, learning, collaborating and celebrating all kinds of differences in a spiritual-cultural activity.

The Bali Spirit Festival is held to build and maintain the potential of each individual in keeping the positive vibe. The long-term goal is to transmit these positive things to the environment around the world.

Inspired by the concept of Tri Hita Karana: Living in harmony with God, the environment, and all living things. It will be held for 8 nights, offering a variety of activities such as workshops during the day, yoga practices of various styles ranging from Vinyasa Flow to Anusara.

And there will be an outdoor music concerts at night, the participant could dance together with various kinds of contemporary music such as Javanese, Balinese, Indians, West Africans, and many others. Plus, Coco Stage & Market, which is a ceremony of sipping chocolate and events for children.

The tickets are provided based on the number of days in this activity. The Spirit Pass-1 Day applies for 1 day-1 night, at a price of IDR 950.000 per person. The Weekend tickets for 3 days-3 nights (valid from March 29th to 31st), is around IDR 2.500.000 per person. The Spirit-Pass is a full ticket for 8 days, which costs around IDR 3.900.000. The venue can be reached by vehicle for 20 minutes from the Ubud Center.

The Bali Spirit Festival and its founders are also committed to donate the income to the surrounding community through annual fundraising and educational community education activities.

For the past 10 years, Bali Spirit Festival has collaborated with some other organizations in Bali, as well as yoga teachers and international musicians, to raise more than USD $ 65,000 to contribute to children’s programs, multicultural education and performances, forum about health like HIV & AIDS awareness, and environmental conservation.

So, for you guys who are interested, check out their official website directly and choose how many days you to enjoy the festival. The Bali Spirit Festival is indeed a celebration of culture diversity, and harmony between people of all nations.

Join the celebration together, and make the world a better place for everyone!

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