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Bali’s new strategy started by reopening for foreign tourists from various countries, since Friday, February 4th, 2022,

The reopening of the international arrival gate was marked by the arrival of 12 tourists from Japan who boarded the Garuda Indonesia GA 881 aircraft from Narita Airport. Even so, the precautionary principle in preventing the spread of Covid-19 is still being put forward.

Some regulations have been prepared, such as foreign travellers must do a quarantine for five days if they have been fully vaccinated.

Meanwhile, foreign travellers who have just received the first dose of vaccine must quarantine for seven days. In its application, all overseas travellers are required to show a vaccination card or certificate at least 14 days before departure. In addition, it also shows a negative RT-PCR test result from the country of origin a maximum of 2×24 hours before departure.

Meanwhile, The World Health Organization (WHO) confirms that the symptoms of the Omicron variant are indeed milder than the symptoms of the Delta variant. Even so, this variant is dangerous for those who have not been vaccinated. WHO said the large global spike in cases was indeed caused by Omicron.

While Omicron causes milder disease than Delta, it remains a dangerous virus, especially for those who are not vaccinated.

WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus stressed that all parties should not give up on this Omicron. Moreover, if there are parties who have not been vaccinated. We must not let this virus hitch a ride or fly the white flag, especially when so many people are around who are not vaccinated.

He then explained why Omicron is dangerous in Africa. According to him, almost 85 percent of people have not been vaccinated there. In Africa, more than 85 percent of people have not received a single dose of vaccine. This could lead to the acute phase of the pandemic will not end unless we close this gap.

Tedros reckon that each country should have at least 10 percent of its population vaccinated by the end of September 2021, 40 percent by the end of December, and 70 percent by mid-2022. But 90 countries still haven’t reached 40 percent yet, even 36 of which are still less than 10 percent.

According to him, the vast majority of people hospitalized around the world are not vaccinated. More transmission means more hospitalizations, more deaths, more people out of work (including teachers and health workers) and more risk of developing another variant that’s even more contagious and more lethal than Omicron.

For the record, an Indonesian epidemiologist from Griffith University, Dicky Budiman, straightened the information regarding the Omicron variant of Covid-19 which was considered to have mild symptoms. According to him, Omicron, which is a mutation of the original virus SARS-CoV-2, did not evolve to become weak. He added that the HIV virus that has been around for a long time is still strong, even many of the drugs are resistant or immune and cause death, let alone SARS-CoV-2.

He explained that this Omicron variant comes in a different situation to the Delta. When the Delta variant came, the vaccination had just started in many countries, and the global data at that time had vaccination coverage below 10 percent. So, many countries are still haven’t been vaccinated. Now that Omicron comes along, the world is already close to 50 percent of global vaccinations, far twice as much as Delta came along.

When Delta invaded Indonesia, many people were unvaccinated and infected without knowing it, especially the younger group of adults. They get immunity, although not as strong as being vaccinated, but some of those who experience it, have stronger immunity. So that when Omicron arrives, the person already has immunity, even making 90 percent of patients have mild or asymptomatic symptoms. So, what you need to know is that vaccines are very important. Because in countries with low immunity status, the impact of Omicron is not light.

In Europe and United States, Dicky gave an example, Omicron attacks the elderly or people whose second dose of vaccination is 6 months old, including the group of children who have not been vaccinated. In fact, new records for both hospital occupancy infections and deaths were set by Omicron, in these countries. According to him, when people talk about severity, it can be seen from two things, namely, hospital occupancy in the ICU and indicators of death. Another example, in Queensland, Australia, during the two-year pandemic the increase in hospital occupancy did not even exist in the month before Omicron appeared. In fact, the total death toll in the first two years of the pandemic until Delta appeared was only 10 deaths, the ICU occupancy rate was but below 20, and the total infections for the two years were still below 1,000.

As soon as Omicron arrived, Dicky said, the hospital occupancy continued. Now it’s 5 a day and if the sum can be a lot, the death that was 10 in two years can now be achieved in a day. And also, what was an infection in a child that didn’t exist, when Omicron appeared now exists. This confirms that this Omicron is not a mild variant.

When compared, research shows that Omicron is wilder than the initial virus in Wuhan. Many deaths are caused by Omicron, twice that of the virus from Wuhan. From here, we could simply conclude that it is so important to be vaccinated, considering whether we are vaccinated or not, the chances to get infected are probably the same, but the difference is with our body get vaccinated, it could increase the immunity to overcome the virus.

Moreover, we’re back to the decision to reopen flight access to Bali is not without reason. The government has considered various risks and potentials related to the reopening of international entrances in Bali. Currently, Bali provides two additional options for the quarantine of foreign travellers that have been certified CHSE by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, namely bubble quarantine. The quarantine started at five hotels with a total of 447 rooms in Nusa Dua, Ubud, Sanur, and Jimbaran.

All types of quarantine have also prepared isolation hotels and SOPs for positive cases and close contacts as anticipation. In addition to the health protocols, there will also be a reduction in the minimum cost of insurance and ease of visa application. This is done to make it more attractive to tourists who will come.

But latest news has been out that the government has preparing new terms and conditions, might as well called the new strategy to face the new normal tourism in 2022. One of them is following the warm-up vacation package. The day before the opening of Bali, it was informed that six foreign travellers from Japan were invited to came to experience the holiday in Indonesia with the tagline of warming up vacation at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Nusa Dua.

This warm up vacation is different from quarantine. One of the differences is that the hotel services provided are not limited to only staying in the room, but allow the travellers to move around the hotel. At this initial stage, only five hotels are ready to serve warm up vacation. The five hotels are Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua (Nusa Dua), Westin Resort (Nusa Dua), Griya Santrian (Sanur), Viceroy (Ubud) and Royal Tulip (Jimbaran). These five hotels also have different public facilities between regular guests and warm up vacation guests, including swimming pool facilities, gym, dining room, and other facilities.

Foreign travellers can choose a warm up vacation package according to the vaccination dose received. For those who have carried out a full dose of vaccination, they can take a 5 day / 4 night warm up vacation package. Meanwhile, for those who just vaccinated the first dose would be 7 days/6 nights. During their warm up vacation, foreign travellers can strolling around the hotel and enjoy the facilities dedicated to the bubble area, such as a swimming pool, gym, dining room, and other facilities. Thus, their activities are not limited to rooms.

Later, they will conduct a PCR test upon arrival and on the 4th day (for the 5-day warm up vacation package) or on the 6th day (for the 7-day warm up vacation package). The five hotels were prepared to be fully ready in terms of facilities to health protocols. Even to optimize warm up vacation services, hotel managers do not allow their employees to go home but to stay in the hotel.

Now that we notice the Covid-19 cases in Indonesia have jumped again after the emergence of a new variant of Omicron, the public is advised to be more disciplined in implementing health protocols by always wearing masks, maintaining distance, washing hands with soap, avoiding crowds, minimizing mobility, and avoiding eating together. To support daily activities and implementation of the health protocols, you must be able to take full advantage of your smartphone. Because, by making the most of your smartphone, you can shop, study, access the latest information about Covid-19, and improve your health. So, what can be done to maximize the use of smartphones? Check out the following five tips.


  • Shop online from home and pay cashless

One of the efforts to be disciplined in running health protocols is to shop online. Currently, there are many online stores that provide a variety of daily needs, ranging from groceries, clothing, household furniture, to sports equipment. No need to bother leaving the house anymore, you can order goods and pay for them in just one hand using a smartphone. However, if you do have to leave the house, make sure you apply a cashless or cashless payment method to minimize physical contact.

  • Maintain a healthy diet

Maintaining a healthy diet must be done so that the body gets adequate and balanced nutrition. Even though healthy food is sometimes boring or not as delicious as junk food, you should still eat it for the sake of health and fitness. So, so you don’t get bored with healthy food, you can make a healthy meal plan once a week. By using a smartphone, you can access thousands of healthy eating recipes on the Internet to practice at home.

  • Don’t forget to take vitamin supplements

In addition to eating healthy foods every day, it’s also important to take vitamin supplements to avoid disease. You can buy various vitamin supplements through e-commerce to minimize physical contact. In fact, if you’re lucky you may enjoy discounted promotions when buying vitamin supplements online. If you want to ensure that you need the right vitamin supplements for your health condition, you can access various telemedicine from your smartphone.

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  • Do not hesitate to consult a doctor, online of offline

You and your family may have difficulty in differentiating the common cold and cough from Covid-19. Well, to ensure your health condition while remaining disciplined in carrying out the procedure, you can consult a doctor, online or offline. Currently, there are many telemedicine services that allow you to seek treatment without leaving the house. Generally, telemedicine services are more affordable than when you consult at a health facility in person. But if you do have to visit the clinic to get treatment, be sure to choose the best clinic to handle it. One of them is Hydromedical or Unicare Clinic. Besides having many branches all over Bali, they also provide the best service at a reasonable price. In addition, the consultation schedule can also be adjusted to your personal schedule and payments can also be made easily via smartphone.

  • Access to entertainment content

Maintaining physical health is important, but mental health also needs to be maintained so as not to affect physical conditions. As is known, excessive stress makes us susceptible to disease even though our physical condition is healthy. Therefore, you need to take time to rest from the daily grind. During your break, you can access entertainment content via your smartphone. For example, streaming movies and series via Netflix. You can also watch video blogs (vlogs) on YouTube or listen to music and podcasts on Spotify. All that is done so that stress is reduced and your mood remains good. That way, you can continue to move without a hitch.


Well, those are five tips that you can do to stay healthy and fit during your “warm-up vacation”. We all know that we couldn’t wait any longer to enjoy again the pleasure of travelling. Hopefully all new programs arranged will lead to a first big step for Bali to be back into one of the best travellers destination. So, stay healthy, stay happy!