Bali Schools Start Offline Classes This October 2021


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The HEAD of the Bali Province Education, Youth and Sports Office, KN Boy Jayawibawa, asked all high school, vocational, and equivalent education units under the provincial authority to immediately hold limited face-to-face learning (PTM) starting in early October 2021.

This was conveyed by Boy in Denpasar, Wednesday (22/9). “So far, schools that are under provincial authority throughout Bali have never been PTM due to the ongoing ups and downs of the pandemic in Bali. But since Bali has dropped to level 3, we ask that since the beginning of this October mandatory PTM is limited.

The governor has also issued a circular letter (SE) so that PTM is carried out as soon as possible on a limited basis,” he said. According to Boy, Circular Letter No. B.31,420/76560/DIKPORA regarding the Implementation of Learning in the COVID-19 Pandemic Period in Bali Province has been issued.

In the circular dated September 14, 2021, it stipulates that the learning system in Bali can be done with Face-to-face Learning (PTM) or online. .

However, because currently all schools are conducting a national assessment (AN), we ask that the AN be completed by the end of September. However, this October, PTM has been limited,” he said. Before the SE came into effect, Bali had never held a PTM due to conditions that did not allow it.

In the SE it is explained that PTM in Bali will refer to PPKM level 3 and a joint decree from 4 ministers namely the Minister of Education and Culture, Minister of Religion, Minister of Health and Minister of Home Affairs Number 03/KB/2021, Number 384 of 2021, Number HK 01.08/MENKES/4242/2021, Number 440-717 of 2021 concerning Guidelines for the Implementation of Learning in the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) Pandemic, dated March 30, 2021.

All schools in Bali have been allowed to hold limited face-to-face learning (PTM) following the lowering of the status of the Implementation of Restrictions on Community Activities (PPKM) in this area to level 3. However, there are strict requirements for schools that wish to organize it.

Head of the Bali Province Education, Youth and Sports Agency (Disdikpora), I Ketut Ngurah Boy Jayawibawa, explained that the PTM rule refers to the Instruction of the Minister of Home Affairs (Inmendagri) Number 42 of 2021 concerning PPKM Level 4, 3, 2 Covid-19 Java-Bali.

“In terms of PTM, we are actually ready with the issuance of Inmendagri 42. We can actually do face-to-face meetings,” Boy said when contacted on Wednesday (15/9).

He explained that there are two options for learning methods at PPKM Level 3. Students can take limited PTM or distance or online learning.

“So, parents, there are two options that are now and are allowed. But the understanding of being allowed does not mean that schools are free, but they must be vigilant,” he added.

Schools that will hold a limited PTM must meet a number of requirements. The school has health protocol tools, thermoguns, hand sanitizers, and hand washing stations. The duration of face-to-face learning is only 1.5 hours.

“The canteen must be closed, the distance separation (between students) is 1.5 meters, and so on. And finally, there must be permission from the parents of the students. If it is allowed to make a permit, if it is not allowed, the child still gets the right to education services online,” he explained.

“Parents don’t worry. If you don’t have the courage or let your child go, learning can be done online. We are aware of that, so we have two options prepared,” he said.

Schools that will carry out limited PTM must also coordinate with the local Covid-19 Task Force. “And finally, if it is found that there is a positive confirmation of Covid-19, schools must be temporarily closed,” he said.

Currently, several schools in Bali have conducted limited PTM. “There are already, but even then, there are very few students. PTM is at least 50 percent. If 50 percent is a maximum of 18 (students). However, there are some private schools where there are only 15 (students) of course they are below the 50 percent criteria. ,” he said.

If a limited PTM has been implemented in schools in Bali, Disdikpora will monitor it closely. They will give a warning to the principal who violates the limited PTM requirements. “If the field does not meet our expectations, there are crowds, we will give a warning to the principal,” concluded Boy.

Do your kids go to school in Bali? What do you think, is it safe to start offline schooling now? Do you send your kids back to school or do you prefer to keep them safe in home for just a bit longer? Tell us your thoughts in the comment. Whatever you choose, just make sure the school is applying every safety measures and health protocols. Until next time, stay safe and healthy!