Bali as a Medication Tourism Destination


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As quoted from, the Indonesian Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf) Sandiaga Uno has recently declared Bali as a health-based tourism destination (medical tourism).
A press statement from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Wednesday (31/3/2021), stated that the decision was made to open job oportunities and restore the glory of the island’s tourism sector.
“We are launching a health-based tourism…, a pillar effort to spread enthusiasm in the midst of a pandemic…” the minister said.

This intention was conveyed by Sandiaga after a discussion with the Udayana University community and the Bali Provincial Government (Pemprov) in Badung Regency, Bali on Wednesday.
Through the collaboration between the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Udayana University, and the Regional Government (Pemda), Bali will be used as a reference for medical services, not very different from our neighboring countries Singapore, Bangkok, and Malaysia.

He further revealed that Bali as a health-based tourist destination will have various advantage; in particular, the involvement of tourism villages.
Not only providing inner peace through the beauty of nature while undergoing treatment, these tourism villages will also provide a variety of traditional archipelago treatments.

“This is what we will change; this mindset,” “Proud to be Indonesian means proud to be medically treated within Indonesia,” said Sandiaga. He also hopes that the healing tourism can involve tourism villages and have the ability to showcase the power of our traditional medicine.

To realize the dream of making Bali as a health-based tourist destination, Sandiaga said that a collaboration from all parties will be very much needed, especially regarding the plan to build an international-standard hospital in the island.

According to the minister, the presence of such hospital is believed to be able to make Bali a health-based tourist destination that, in time, will directly absorb a large number of workers.
“Udayana Medical Tourism 2021 will be our partner in establishing a medical tourism ecosystem,” Sandiaga then added.
The ministry itself will have to coordinate with other ministries and agencies to provide incentives and other opportunities.

Well, what do you think? Among every other plan that have previously been bestowed upon the island, this one is, in all honesty, one of the most surprising ones. If we were not stuck in this pandemic, we strongly suspect that there will be even the smallest thought of the idea.

However, we strongly support the idea and think that this could actually be realized in the future. With the fast movement of the country’s healthcare system, we say it’s about time we have an international-standard hospital od our own and stop giving away our money to foreign countries. You know, just our two cents.
What do you think, is this a great idea? Let us know in the comment; and until next time, stay safe and healthy!