Atlas Beach Club & Other Four Hypest Clubs in Bali.


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You know how life is in Bali. Well, at least for most of the expats living here. If “Yoga in the morning, party in the evening.” thing doesn’t apply to you, we seriously think you’ve reached a higher level of enlightenment here. Please accept our congratulation. However, there are far more people who still need to do worldly affairs in an attempt to balance their mental-physical health. While it’s admittedly rather questionable to “heal” ourselves by intoxicating it at the same time, people seem to do it anyway. If parties and alcohol-consuming is your idea of having fun in the night, then this article will prove useful to you. Below, we compile five of the hypest clubs in Bali that you just can’t miss  out.



  1. Atlas Beach Club

Carrying along the tagline of “Bali’s No.1 Destination and Largest One-Stop Entertainment, this spanking-new beach club is all everyone has been talking about these days. The first-ever beach festival in the world (or so they claim) houses the longest beach bar in Asia with the longest pool side in Southeast Asia (again, there’s no way to check if the statements ring true or not). While various choices of luxury accommodation are provided in the beach club area, they also have a massive free-to-enter communal area with the biggest street market in Bali, carrying out the best of the nation’s Food & Beverages vendors for you to enjoy.

With a general admission of IDR. 150K to the club area, you’ll get a redeemable voucher for selected drink and access to selected pool area. If you have a children under 120 cm (funnily enough, they measure by height instead of age here, so parents, be advised) they are free to enter the premise, however taller children are subject to a normal admission price and get a free cereal and selected non-alcohol drink. Sadly, they are banned from the dance floor starting from 7PM onwards. Sounds great to you? Go book a spot here through and have a great day.

Not much of a party-goer? Explore their free-entry communal area and find a wide variety of instagrammable areas for you and your family to sit and enjoy the day at. This huge culinary ground carries out some of the best brands the island can offer, ranging from coffee shops to sushi-ya. Tasty and colorful snacks are also available along the thematic Night Market section which your little ones will definitely enjoy; and, talking about enjoyable moments, there are several stages offering different genres of live music that you can surely pick from. Enjoy Atlas Beach Festival today if you want to avoid the busy weekend crowd; or come in the weekend if you want to remember what life was like pre-pandemic. Your choice. Just remember, staying safe and healthy is always the best decision to make.


Atlas Beach Festival

Jl. Pantai Berawa No. 88, Canggu

Opens everyday from 10AM-12AM






  1. FINNS Beach Club


Writing about this world-famous beach club for the umpteenth time, we feel that we have to credit the place for their consistent work in maintaining their high quality food and beverages that seem to attract old and new customers alike to frequent the beach club. With nine bars, four pools, six restaurants and a 180-degree oceanic sunset views , this club guarantees you an epic party experience while you’re in Bali. Enjoy eclectic beats on 170 meters of an absolutely gorgeous beachfront property right in the heart of Berawa, Canggu.

What? Another one in Berawa? Yes, you heard (or should we say read?) it right. Canggu is THE hype these days, and while you can find pretty little spots in the area, you really can’t miss coming to Finns if you have the word PARTY written on your forehead because let’s face it, every day is a party at Finns Beach Club, one of the hottest nightlife destinations in Bali.

With DJ’s from 9am-11pm and live singers from 4pm-11pm, you’ll be partying well into the night at one of the hottest nightlife and entertainment destinations in Bali, not to mention crafty cocktails, mouth-watering cuisine and pristine beachfront access. The perks? There’s no minimum spend on day beds from 7pm, you get complimentary towels so bye-bye unnecessary heavy bags, night surfs are allowed (though not entirely encouraged during this wet season) and happy hour is from 7pm-9pm EVERYDAY. Pretty neat, huh?

If you want to make sure you get a spot here, feel free to use their hassle-free online booking system accessible at and have a blast!

FINNS Beach Club

Jl. Pantai Berawa, Canggu

Opens everyday from 9AM to 11PM



  1. La Favela


With a handful of inspiration in mind, La Favela cozily combines the jungles of Bali, the favelas of Rio, all the way to the underground bars and clubs of London and New York with a thick early 90s vibe for a fresh clubbing experience in Bali. Designed to take its visitors to a whole new world, this cozy space offers semi-indoor gardens, artificial waterfalls and ponds, alfresco tables and chairs all laid out beyond a mini bridge that will captivate your breath upon entry into this enchanted garden and treasure trove.


From the architectural wonder, the street art exhibitions, the fluorescence lighting to the cracking music, La Favela aims to bring to Bali the very first underground party scene. No techno, no house music, just music that everyone loves and can dance to. Old school but never cheap, very much like those house parties we went to when we were in high school. After all, just like the owners intend, “La Favela was an extension of what it was I looked for in my own youth and party experience…. The extraordinary decoration and the underground house party vibe … was born out of people … they booked their flights, planned their holidays and La Favela as we know it today was born. A destination in itself.” – Sandra Assiego


If that sounds like a gem to you, then we have a great news: you can even book the place for private events too! We mean… if you want to party but still anxious about being in public, then this sounds like a perfect answer, doesn’t it? Bookings are available at



La Favela

Jl. Laksamana Oberoi No. 177X, Seminyak




  1. Desa Potato Head


If you only have a few days in Bali and don’t have time for an overcrowded itinerary, you might find everything you need in Desa Potato Head, Offering an all-in-one experience for local and international tourists alike, you’ll get everything sorted out in the vicinity: they have wellness classes, culinary feast, art center, music streaming, amphitheater, and of course, Bali’s most pined after nightlife destination.

Wanting to experience them all but hating the commute through Bali’s hectic lanes? Desa Potato Head also comes with luxurious rooms that will make sure you stay within the whole creative village by the ocean where music, art, design and food play together with the best parties on the island. Whether it’s in their infinity pool, on a daybed, under the shade of swaying palms, or at one of our restaurants, you are invited to swim, eat, sip and relax any way you like.

Soak in the vibrant atmosphere as you enjoy an extensive offering of international comfort foods and cocktails charged with local spirits, fruits and spices. The Potato Head beach club is comprised of three restaurants, three bars, an infinity pool, a spacious lawn area and their rooftop bar, Sunset Park, with spectacular views out to the glistening Indian Ocean. Arrive in the afternoon to indulge in their magical beachfront sunsets and hand-crafted cocktails, not to mention their delicious beachfront fare.


Desa Potato Head

Jl. Petitenget No. 51B, Seminyak

Opens from 9AM-12AM every Monday-Thursday and Sunday

9AM-2AM on Friday and Saturday.



  1. Da Maria


Da Maria is a modern Italian restaurant in the Osteria style featuring stunning interiors by Roman architects Lazzarini Pickering, Da Maria highlights the diversity of Italian food, wine, music, fashion, art and friends, with more than a little Capri in the heart of Seminyak.

Bringing the Amalfi Coast to Bali, Da Maria is sister to the iconic Mexican party place –Motel Mexicola. The hyped Italian osteria attracts a trendy crowd and is now the latest place to see and be seen with bustling weekly Bali parties and events, a hotspot on a weekend! Visit their lively bar and enjoy Da Maria’s unique Campari-based blends, accompany this with an authentic Italian pizza and you’ve got yourself a night to be remembered.

The crowds tend to flock here on Sundays to listen to good beats and indulge in a few Camparis. Stay tuned into their Facebook page for special events and take part in one of the best parties in Bali. For online bookings, go to


Da Maria

Jl. Petitenget No. 170, Seminyak

Opens Tuesday-Sunday from 5PM till late.


Well, we hope this article helps you decide which way to take tonight. Remember, stay safe and healthy! See you in our next article…