7 Happiest Country Music Songs That Can Heal Your Soul


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7 Happiest Country Music Songs That Can Heal Your Soul 1
7 Happiest Country Music Hits

Did you know that September 17 is the International Country Music Day?

Well, if you didn’t, now you do. Now, if you’re coming from the South of America, then, chance is, you have playlists of Country Music for every kind of occasions in your phone. However, for the rest of the world, people might be wondering what exactly a Country Music is (other than the essentially strong imagery of young men in plaids and cowboy hats riding their horses alongside lush green pastures and the occasional young maidens carrying jugs of fresh milk around the farm). So what is Country Music, really?

Well, according to our wonderful friends on Wikipedia, “Country music, also known as country and western (or simply country), and hillbilly music, is a genre of popular music that originated in the southern United States in the early 1920s. It takes its roots from genres such as American folk music (especially Appalachian folk and Western music) and blues. Country music often consists of ballads and dance tunes with generally simple forms, folk lyrics, and harmonies mostly accompanied by string instruments such as banjos, electric and acoustic guitarssteel guitars (such as pedal steels and dobros), and fiddles as well as harmonicasBlues modes have been used extensively throughout its recorded history.

The term country music is used today to describe many styles and subgenres. The origins of country music are found in the folk music of working class Americans, who blended popular songs, Irish and Celtic fiddle tunes, traditional English ballads, cowboy songs, and the musical traditions of various groups of European immigrants.

Country singers have seen generations after generations rise and fall, and a detailed notes on all six generations of Country Music singers will be sufficient for a whole other article. Okay, now that we’re on the same page on what Country Music is, it’s time for us to share with you seven happiest Country Music songs that can boost your mood in an instant. Let’s start from the last song on the list and move upward, just like our old pals used to do on MTV (if you watched them all the time during the 90s all through the early years of 2000s, then you know we’re the same age).

 7. Why Don’t We Just Dance – Josh Turner

At number seven we have Why Don’t Get Just Dance by Josh Turner; which was a big hit for Turner. He turned life around from all the bad things that were going on at the time and made one of the best country songs of all time.

  1. There’s Your Trouble – Dixie Chicks

Up next, The Dixie Chicks came out with some really great songs in their early days. It was a bright and happy time in country music and these girls knew how to have some fun with life. The melody in this song is great and … happy.

  1. I’m Gonna Miss Her – Brad Paisley

At number 5 is I’m Gonna Miss Her by Brad Paisley. We know, we know; the title could throw you off at first because you think it’s about leaving. Well, technically it is, but the narrator in the song is happy because now he gets to fish.. which is a fun thing to do, is it not?

  1. Check Yes Or No – George Strait

Moving on to number four, now we have one of just a few songs that have the power to make you smile from the very first note. This story song from George Strait has been a country classic for 20 years now and I’m sure it will stay for another 20.

  1. Last Dollar (Fly Away) – Tim McGraw

Closing in to the number one is Tim McGraw’s Last Dollar. It’s almost like Tim McGraw cheated when he released this song. There is nothing like it on country radio at all. It’s the happiest song of all time perhaps. Big Kenny of Big & Rich wrote it when he was down to his last dollar. Well, if you can still be happy with next to no money, then you know you got a beautiful life.

  1. It’s A Great Day To Be Alive – Travis Tritt

On the runner up position is a great song by Travis Tritt, who can be a little rough around the edges, but shows his happy side with this song. It became one of the biggest hits of his career and we’re pretty sure he flashes that smile every time he plays it today.

  1. Life’s A Dance – John Michael Montgomery

Of all the hits John Michael Montgomery had back in the ’90s this one seems to have the most staying power. There are ups and downs in life, but if you simply try to have a few more ups than downs you’ll do just fine. There is just something about this catchy tune that makes you feel the urge to sing and dance along. If that doesn’t make you smile I don’t know what will.

There you are, seven happiest country songs that you can try to listen to when you need a mood booster. With their genuine and honest lyrics, we believe you might find yourself enjoying the genre and start viewing life from a different perspective. Don’t forget to do enjoyable things and don’t let the pressure of a holiday weigh you down, but when all precautionary measures have been done and you still find yourself getting anxiety attack while you were here, then we welcome you to our body and soul clinic; in which our trusted and professional therapists are ready to help you be the best version of yourself back again. Have a good day!