7 Stay at home fun activities with your kids


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Cases of the COVID-19 virus in Indonesia have made teaching and learning activities in schools and campuses postponed. This weekend, maybe Moms also want to postpone traveling outside, and just want to spend time at home. Do not worry if your child will feel bored and bored, because there are some fun activities at home to be done with the family.

Some activities at home are certainly fun, and also do not require a lot of property or complicated equipment. Most importantly, keep growing positive bonding between Moms and Little One, Moms.

  1. Perform Treatment with Natural Ingredients Together

home-skincare activities with children. Take advantage of time at home by treating the face and skin of Moms and Little One.If you are worried about the chemical content in treatment products, Moms can use natural ingredients. For example, by making a child’s mask from vegetables or fruits that are full of nutrients, or give your child a reflexology massage using natural oils such as olive oil or sunflower seeds.

With this activity, Little also feels more relaxed and does not feel anxious when having to be at home during the weekend.

  1. Cook your favorite cakes and foods home-cooking activities with children.

Cooking with Little is also an activity at home that is no less fun. Moms can make cake dishes and favorite foods. In addition, cooking with children also has a variety of benefits. Not only adding new skills, but Little One can also train his creativity by trying to mix food into delicious dishes.If the child is too young, Moms can take him to cook simple recipes without involving a complicated cooking process.

  1. Watch Netflix for Children Series netflix home-watching activities

Watching Netflix series can be the right choice to fill activities at home on weekends. Moms can play cartoon series in a comfortable living room. Don’t forget to prepare treats like popcorn snacks and fresh drinks so that watching activities are more exciting and not boring, Moms.

  1. Dancing and Singing Together home-dancing and dancing with children.

It seems that almost all children like singing and dancing. If Moms has karaoke equipment, you can immediately play your favorite songs that make Little Little busy dancing. Can also use applications like TikTok which have a variety of filters and interesting songs. Exciting activities in this house will automatically make your little one dancing, and she won’t get bored.

  1. Compiling Puzzles Together activities at home composing puzzle

If your little one is big enough and full of curiosity, Moms can do puzzle activities at home.

For the choice of puzzle difficulties, Moms can adjust it with their own expertise, yes. Compiling puzzles not only practice patience, but Little will also feel the satisfaction in arranging pieces of the picture into a beautiful whole picture.

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  1. Play Guess

Children are very fond of searching and guessing activities, because he has a great curiosity. Especially children under five who are actively learning to learn new things. We can use this curiosity to make educational activities that can support the development of the brain. Educational activities such as giving children challenges to find certain objects, or giving children guessing questions, are very effective for support

  1. Displaying photos

Decorate the wall doesn’t have to be merely a picture. We can add decorations in the form of photographs that will make the child remember the photo. Like a picture of him as a baby, a large family photo, and a photo of someone he recognized. By displaying photos and decorating walls with educational pictures, it will make it easier for children to remember and memorize what they see on their walls.

During this COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia, be sure to keep your house clean and teach your child how to wash hands properly, Moms.