5 Traveling Trends in Indonesia For 2022


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With more and more people getting a high-paying jobs around the world, there is no wonder that traveling is becoming an activity loved by so many people.

Therefore, it is not surprising that travel trends change with each passing year.  For you traveling junkies, here are the five travel trends that will be popular in Indonesia this year:


Domestic Travel

Although it is now becoming possible to travel abroad again, domestic travel will still be popular this year.  Along with the reviving tourism industry, local tourists are also increasingly aware of supporting tourism and the local economy. These past couple of years, domestic tourists have been influential in keeping Bali standing on its feet, though rather wobbly. Still, it’s better than having no one coming at all.


Road Trips

Along with the increasing interest and concern for local tourism, road trips are predicted to become a travel trend this year.  Besides being proven safe and comfortable, road trips also provide a flexible schedule for travelers.  The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno also stated at the Wonderful Indonesia press conference in Jakarta (04/01) that in the current pandemic era, tourists are starting to look for and enjoy tourist attractions that are less crowded.  This makes campervan and glamping tours to be increasingly popular within the past and coming year.


Slow Travel

If people usually try to do as many activities as possible while traveling, this year will be the opposite.  Instead of having a hectic and heavily structured schedule, travelers are now trying to enjoy the trip and the traveling process itself.

In principle, slow traveling does not spur on travel plans, but instead focuses on enjoying the atmosphere around you; starting from exploring various hidden tourist destinations, getting to know local culture and traditions and spending time chatting with local residents.  In other words, slow travel teaches us to pause and have a meaningful and memorable trip.


Staycation Is Still a Thing

Since the pandemic, the staycation trend has become increasingly popular, especially among young people.  This method is considered effective because travelers do not need to travel long distances and can enjoy various recreational facilities safely and comfortably in one place.  Not only that, staycation is also an alternative for workers with busy schedules.


Sustainable Travel

The pandemic period makes the tourism sector have to work hard to support the economy of the affected local communities.  That’s why tourists are now starting to move for vacations with sustainable concepts, one of which is by helping empower residents around tourist destinations.

Currently, quite a lot of inns, both hotels and resorts, are implementing this concept by utilizing local farmers to supply food ingredients and also innovating to protect the environment.


What do you think about the new trends? Is there any of them that suits your style? Which of them will you try? Let us in the comments and see you in our next article!