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What is reflected in your head when talking about oral health? It is usually toothache, cavities, brushing teeth or perhaps too much sweets as one of the objects that are considered as “the enemy” for oral health.

Teeth, as we all know, are an important part of our oral health and our life as well. Without it we can’t chew food, bite our favourite meat, or smile beautifully when faced with someone we admired or liked. Imagine if we don’t have teeth? We are like a baby who has to eat porridge or soft food every day. How weird is it to imagine, right?

Teeth has a variety of structure that allows them to do many tasks. The main function of the teeth is to tear and chew food, and as a weapon in some animals, especially carnivores (predatory animals). The roots of teeth are covered by gums. Teeth has a protective structure called enamel, which helps to prevent the teeth become holey.

Teeth, like other body parts, have functions that supports human life; also used to make someone look very attractive in terms of appearance. However, many of us sometimes ignore the importance of oral health. To maintain oral health, at least we have to brush our teeth at least twice a day. Also, don’t forget to control to the dentist so that your oral health could continue to be monitored.

Every person in the world has a different set of teeth, so you could say that our teeth are as unique as fingerprints. So, be proud of the shape of your teeth because yours are absolutely different from others.

There are number of diseases associated with oral health such as heart disease, osteoporosis and diabetes. That is why maintaining our oral health is considered very important. Any food that you eat, you need to be responsible to clean it after. Otherwise, something bad will happen to you. In addition to this, you also need to know your teeth more deeply to be able to maintain oral health to the fullest. However, there are several unique facts about oral health you must know. Here it is

  1. Teeth begin to form before humans were born. Starts when the baby is still in the mother’s womb and begins to appear when children are 6 to 12 months old. So, don’t be surprised when you find a toothed baby, chances are that the mother eats a lot of calcium while pregnant so the baby’s teeth grow faster than usual.
  2. There is a tattoo for teeth. Yes… it is applied to its crown and it has a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from the image of George Washington to the words “bite me”. Dental tattoos were also carried out by researchers at Princeton University and Tufts. Their goals are valued for research purposes. These tattoos are electronic sensors which implanted into the teeth. Powered by electrodes and inductive coils, these tattoos use anti-microbial peptides to prevent germs. Through the signal sent to the antenna, researchers could find out what kind of bacteria that roaming in the mouth.
  3. Not only teeth can get germs. But the toothbrush that you use can also potentially be exposed to germs. If you’ve ever heard advice to keep your bathroom clean, that is no joke. Because if your bathroom is dirty it will have an impact on the toothbrush and of course also on your teeth. Therefore, your toothbrush must remain dry and also be kept clean to avoid germs.
  4. Sweet foods, sour foods could cause a damage to your oral health. Sour candy, soft drinks, could make an erosion to your tooth enamel.
  5. Teeth has a natural colour that is less-white. But many people are obsessed with white teeth like snow. In fact, the natural colour of teeth that you have and the balance between two colours is the key to an attractive smile.
  6. You can inherit problems with the oral cavity from parents, and maybe even start losing the same tooth. For example, related to the time of tooth extraction or the shape of the tooth arrangement also influenced by heredity.
  7. You can lose teeth at any age. Certain individuals are born with imperfect teeth. However, often the cause of losing your teeth is a disease of the gums and caries.
  8. Human teeth could be used to recognize the bodies of victims of murder, terrorism, disasters, and etc. In addition, teeth could also be used to find out gender, age, race, occupation and habits that might be done by someone during his lifetime.
  9. Teeth are the hardest part of the human body. If all this time you thought your bones were harder than your teeth, you were wrong. Because the teeth are the hardest tissue of the human body. Even harder than bone. Not only that, enamel also has mineral content reaching 96%.
  10. Saliva that attached to the teeth could protect teeth from the danger of cavities due to the bacteria.
  11. Colour changes in the teeth could occur, both caused by eating habits, age, and drugs. Colour changes in the teeth could be overcome with the help of a dentist.
  12. People who have a habit of eating and drinking something with a high acid content will be at risk of having sensitive and symptomatic pain.
  13. Teeth in the children who have parents or families with smoking habits will be at risk of evolving cavities.
  14. Teeth could continue to last a lifetime if their health is maintained, so as the health of the gums and other parts are well maintained.
  15. In the western country, people with braces seen as geeky and ugly. But in Asia, for example in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia; braces are considered very cool and become a symbol of a rich guy, due to the high cost of maintenance. In the following decade, braces for style, which are certainly fake, were very popular at a price that was quite cheap compared to the original and sold anywhere from beauty salons to online. But in 2012, two children from Thailand were reportedly suffered infected disease in their oral. To prevent deadly infections and the danger of swallowing wires due to choking, fake braces was then banned and the manufacturer is sentenced to up to 6 months in prison.
  16. Many people think that brushing your teeth right after eating is very good. But it turned out that opinion was wrong. There is an ingredient in the mouth that will form after eating and it is good for your mouth. So according to the dentist it’s good to just gargle and half an hour after that you brush your teeth.
  17. Plaques are formed from bacteria, acids, saliva, and food that is trapped in your teeth. This is why you have to maintain your oral health by diligently brush your teeth, so that the plaque in your mouth can be removed. When the plaque is not cleaned regularly, this can cause stains on your teeth, or called tartar.
  18. The wisdom teeth are sometimes cause problems such as “heading” the teeth in front of them so that they could not grow completely. As a result, many people decide to pull it out. But there are some people who apparently don’t have it.
  19. Wisdom teeth wear out quickly. The reason is, these teeth are the one that works hard to chew, from soft to dense foods. Therefore, many people lose their back teeth first than the front teeth.
  20. Usually, after brushing your teeth with toothpaste, you immediately rinse to clean the foam in your mouth. According to Dr. Howard Pollick, a dentist from the American Dental Association, recommends that after you brush your teeth, you don’t have to rinse your mouth. Why? The fluoride that contains in toothpaste is to strengthen the tooth layer, and it will work better when it is not rinsed. Fluoride will stick to the teeth in about 20-30 minutes. But often it will cause a dirty feeling or disgust if you do not gargle. It is recommended to use toothpaste in the form of a gel or varnish (adding fluoride) to your teeth which can only be done by doctors and experts.
  21. The health of your entire body could be reflected in your oral health. According to the survey, 1 of 7 adults aged 35 to 44 suffer from gum disease. The problem is the tooth decay and other infections in the mouth are often associated with health problems such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Oral health is an integral part of overall body health. People who have a disease problem with their gums are more prone to have a higher risk of other diseases. Even pregnant women who have problems with their gums, are also at risk of experiencing preterm birth. That’s why, there is an important relationship between the oral health and other body health.


Alright folks, now you know many interesting facts about your oral health, you guys should could maintain it carefully properly!