12 Best Travel Photography Spots to visit on your Bali Trip


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Bali is the right word to describe the beauty of heaven that can be seen clearly. Bali seems to get its own privileges from the Creator. As if created when God is smiling, this beautiful island has all the beauty that is often portrayed in fairyland. As if there was not the slightest gap to shrink the island of the gods. With so many places that can be made a moment that is enshrined with family and partner. Here are the best places on the island of Bali that you must upload in your Instagram account.

  1. Karang sari sanur beach

In addition to Sanur Beach there is another beach that is no less beautiful to watch the sunrise in the morning. Karang Beach, once entering the beach area, will see calm sea water with small ripples on the beach. The white sand beach Karang comes with a protective tree. Here you can relax while enjoying the beauty of the panorama offered. If you want to sunbathe, enjoy the sun on this beach, the soft white sand can be used as a base. While on the beach beach umbrellas with relaxed chairs look neatly lined up. Now if you want another way to enjoy the coral beach in Bali, you can go along the rocks, crab fishing on the sidelines of the reef. The right time to visit is in the morning where sunlight will emerge from the eastern horizon. The color of the sun that is orange to yellow brass becomes a favorite photo background.

  1. Watched the sunset in Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot is a beach that has become a place that must be visited if you are traveling to the island of Bali. What is unique here is the presence of a temple in the middle of the sea. The temple has become one of the favorite spots for photography lovers. Eits, but it doesn’t stop there. The view of the sunset at this tourist spot also became the object of photos that were sought after by many amateur and professional photographers. Tanah Lot Temple with a reddish twilight background will make Dolaners’ photos very beautiful to show off to friends and family when returning home.

  1. Garuda Wisnu Kencana

Garuda Wisnu Kencana is a tourist attraction located in the area of ​​Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park at an altitude of 146 meters above ground level or 263 meters above sea level. Called the statue of Garuda Wisnu Kencana is the world’s largest statue with a height of 75 meters and a width of 60 meters and will defeat the Statue of Liberty. GWK is a masterpiece of Balinese artist I Nyoman Nuarta who is in the South Bali area precisely in the Unggasan hill. This 250-hectare area encompasses a variety of arts and cultural activities, performance venues and various catering services. Like Balinese palaces in the past, visitors of GW K will witness monumental splendor and spiritual solemnity, all of which are perfected with modern touches and various facilities. So don’t admit to Bali if you haven’t visited and taken a picture with the Garuda Wisnu Kencana.

  1. El Kabron Restaurant

El Kabron is a place to eat that is included in the category of Beach Club and Resto. El Kabron Restaurant is one of the most phenomenal places in Bali! This one restaurant serves Spanish cuisine. The specialty that is the hallmark of El Kabron Restaurant is the existence of a freshwater swimming pool located in the middle of the restaurant. In addition, what is very special is its location which is close to the beach and is said to be the most beautiful spot to see the sunset. This is because the location of El Kabron Restaurant is located on the hill at Bukit Pecatu. Reservation here is also unique, which is divided into 3 categories:

Wooden chairs in the back row, minimum order is IDR 100,000

Sofa chair in the middle of the swimming pool, minimum order IDR 200,000

Sofa chair in the front row (Golden View), minimum order IDR 300,000

  1. Bukit Asah Karangasem

Bukit Asah Karangasem, maybe not many people know about this one tour. Bukit Asah Tourism is located in Bugbug Village, Karangasem, Bali. It is a beautiful place that is on the rise thanks to its appearance on social media. From above Mount Asah can see a vast expanse of light blue water and soothing eyes. The view of Asah Hill can give you a calm atmosphere after doing your daily activities. What is special is that from here you can enjoy the view of the sunrise perfectly only need to come before 6am, guaranteed from the top of this Karangasem Hill Asah view of the rising sun from the eastern horizon with its yellow gradations will greet the beginning of the day.

  1. Taman ala Stonehange, Pantai Purnama

Purnama Beach is one of the beaches in Bali, located in Sukawati, Gianya. This beach becomes a new tourist attraction because it has a uniqueness that is not owned by other beaches in Bali. Purnama Beach has a beautiful garden that will be reminiscent of Stonehenge in England. Stonehenge itself is a standing stone, here there are not only one or two but many. Actually, this stone pile itself is actually a pelinggih commonly used by local people to put offerings. Purnama Beach can also be a location to capture beautiful sunset photos. Because the place was quiet and not many people came, so you don’t need to be afraid of your sunset view being “ruined” by the many people passing by who were caught on camera.

  1. Ekowisata Mangrove Wanasari

In Wanasari Mangrove Ecotourism, you can take a leisurely walk on a wooden bridge, extending between mangrove trees. The 2 km long wooden bridge will bring you to the view tower. If you are not satisfied surrounding the mangrove forest, you can continue to use a canoe, a small boat and paddle that can be used to explore the mangrove forest. Navigate also to the crab breeding place or to a mangrove forest restaurant and enjoy crab oyster sauce or fried crab. Here you can see the abundant and beautiful habitat of mangrove trees, it’s no wonder this location is always used as a background for making prewedding photos. And if you are lucky to see a herd of lizards who are looking for food in between the mangroves.

  1. Pura Ulun Danu

Ulun Danu Temple is one of the many purras in Bali. Ulun Danu Temple is in addition to being used as a place of worship for the Hindu community, it is also often used as a jujugan tourist attraction. Around the area of ​​Ulun Danu Temple there are a lot of flowering plants that bloom. The beauty of Ulun Danu Temple is complemented by the presence of Lake Beratan beside it. This temple has towering meru piled eleven will look beautiful from a distance. The beauty of this temple entices visitors who want to visit to enjoy the beauty of the temple and the surrounding environment while taking pictures with friends. The atmosphere around the temple is very cool, because of the location of this temple on the outskirts of Lake Beratan. In addition, because the Ulun danu temple is located on a mountain plateau around 1,239 meters above sea level.

  1. Cocoon Beach Club

Its location which is close to Seminyak Beach makes Cocoon Beach Club much more flooded by Dolaners. In addition, a variety of classy foods are also accompanied by various interesting facilities and entertainment ready to pamper every Dolaners who come. Cocoon Bar and Restaurant has succeeded in combining the modern concept of a cafe combined with a beautiful seaside atmosphere. The facilities offered are indulgent, such as a swimming pool or bar and lounge. Cocoon like a chameleon that is able to change the atmosphere and nuances between day and night. Cocoon Bar and Restaurant can be used as a place to eat with a relaxed atmosphere during the day, but it turns into a luxurious and exclusive dining venue at night.

  1. Pantai Gunung Payung

Guntung Payung Beach is a beach located in the Village of Kutuh, South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali. Mount Umbrella beach can be said to be classified as a beach that is still very natural, and not yet visited by many tourists. Blue beach with white and soft sand will surely spoil Dolaners holiday. This beach itself is located between a high cliff and the surrounding area which is a sacred area of ​​Pura Dhang Kahyanga Mountain umbrella. Aside from sunbathing and playing with sand, the most favorite activity is surfing. The waves at Gunung Payung Beach are very supportive for you surfer mania who will practice surfing.

  1. Pantai Kelating. Tabanan

A beach located in the Kelating Village, Kerambitan District, Tabanan Regency, Kelating Beach. This beach has a wide expanse of black sand beach, the waves are quite large, so it’s good enough for those of you who like surfing. Kelating Beach offers a sea view with a quiet atmosphere which is a plus in itself for this beach. The most interesting thing about Kelating Beach is the sunset panorama, a moment like this is a moment that awaited by most visitors, after doing various activities such as swimming, playing sand, relaxing, playing ball with your beloved family, then then enjoying the end of the wait for see a beautiful golden yellow sunset emitted by the sun.

  1. La Plancha

La Plancha is a cafe that is currently happening among young people today. This dining venue is located on Jalan Dhyanapura, Seminyak, Bali. La Plancha offers Spanish food, like tapas. But there is also steak, pizza or grilled seafood that is not less shaken tongue. For the drink menu also varies, the most famous is the Mojito, there is also juice, coffee to alcoholic beverages available here. Umbrellas, striking colored beanbags and chill music are now the main destination for everyone who comes here, especially to see the perfection of the sunset while sitting around on the beach at Double Six, Seminyak.