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Show employees You Care by providing them with the Best Insurance

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Contact our team today to find out more.

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IV Vitamin Drip &
Bali Belly Treatment

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Revive, Recover and Revitalise with our
IV Infusion Packages today!

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Rabies Vaccine &
Immunoglobin Therapy

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Bitten by a dog, monkey, or bat?
Don’t wait, book in now for your vaccine.

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IV Vitamin Drip &
Immune Booster

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Best after Alcohol consumption. Combat nausea,
dehydration, and increase energy.

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Wound Care Services

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Injured? Bali’s Tropical conditions often mean
that specialist wound care is advised.

Our packages

Supported insurance

I went to Unicare because a monkey bite, and they were really kind and patient with me.

María Paz De Carli Customer

A friend had to deal with rabies shots, the whole staff was so helpful compassionate and apologetic, very impressed with the way they deal with their tourists, awesome.

Vasim Khan Customer

I went to Unicare a few times because of a toe infection and a UTI. I was treated by Dr Dyah and Dr Budiman. Both are very professional, they explain every step along the way, speak very good English, are kind and caring.

Paula González Customer
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Beyond Excellence Medical Service

UNICARE is staffed by some of Bali’s best Qualified Medical Professionals.  We provide full-service healthcare and offer the best treatment by providing personalized medical care for those traveling in Bali. 

Our expert medical care will ensure you can enjoy every kind of traveling experience; healthy, energized, free of dengue, also rabies, and more. 

Our IV Vitamin Drip will keep you healthy and looking your best. 

Enjoy your Bali holiday.



Phone/WA : +62 822 9829 8911 

Email : callcentermedicalbali@gmail.com

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